About ConsignmentMommies

What is ConsignmentMommies.com?

ConsignmentMommies.com is the leading national consignment sale and store directory and social networking site on the web.  A collaborative community of moms helping moms, ConsignmentMommies.com’s nationwide directory of 1,500 sales and 750 stores includes helpful ratings and reviews provided by in-the-know shoppers and sellers.  Tips, advice and ideas from swap savvy moms also keep ConsignmentMommies.com users updated on the ever-evolving consignment industry.


Who created ConsignmentMommies.com?

The mother-daughter team of ShariKilgariffandChrissyFreeman are the “mommyminds” behind the ConsignmentMommies.com website.  Two of the savviest shoppers around, Kilgariff and Freeman saw the opportunity to combine their love for consigning with an online community to help other mothers, grandmothers, and even some cost-minding dads, find the best consignment sales and stores throughout the U.S.  The duo welcomed ConsignmentMommies.com to the world in 2009.


Who’s on ConsignmentMommies.com?

Everyone.  From moms and grandmothers to dads and sisters, the ConsignmentMommies.com community is growing daily.  ConsignmentMommies.com welcomes more than 5,000 visitors to the website every day and has received over 1 million pageviews from swap savvy moms. 


How We've Grown:


Summer 2009

Chrissy Freeman and Shari Kilgariff build dynamic database of Triad consignment sales – listing 50 local sales with a local map

September 2009

ConsignmentMommies.com launches locally in Triad, NC

February 2010

ConsignmentMommies.com launches nationally - Site enhancements enable the public to submit consignment sale and store listings to be featured for FREE

April 2010

ConsignmentMommies.com national directory includes 900 listings

August 2010

ConsignmentMommies.com national directory reaches 1,200 listings - Site enhancements enable the public to submit upgraded consignment sale and store listings including logo, additional sale/store details, etc. for free

August 2011

ConsignmentMommies.com national directory includes 1,600 consignment sale and 750 consignment store listings

December 2011

ConsignmentMommies launches new platform, expanding capabilities to include FORUMS and new tools for shoppers & consignors