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Getting Organized: Keep Those Manuals

If you haven't already clued that big ol' jolly man into your consigning secrets... now is the time!  While the kiddos are playing with their new goodies and you are sorting through piles of wrapping paper, boxes, ribbons and bows, make sure you pay close attention to manuals, warranties and product info.  Keeping these items is a HUGE benefit (read: you'll potentially make more money) with toys, electronics and games. 

Why is it important to keep manuals, packaging, etc?

Toys, games & electronics with manuals or packaging will sell faster (and typically for a few more dollars) than the exact same item without those pieces.  With many consignment sales, there are sometimes dozens of identical items all grouped together.   Keeping your manuals & packaging is an extra step that will ensure your item gets scooped up first... for a few more dollars too! 

#1 - Save the Manual & Any "Paperwork"

#2 - If you can, you should also SAVE the ORIGINAL BOX or packaging.  Not many of us have the space for it, but it is an extra care step that will help in marketing / promoting your items for higher resell!   If you don't have space for the full box, carefully cut out the "front panel" and file it away.  You can insert this panel into a clear Ziploc bag along with the toy parts.  it is an especially helpful step with complicated or hard-to-understand piles of toy... that way parents can see what they are getting!!   


Ideas for Organizing Your Manuals

Organize Them into a Portable File Folder System

Create a Manual Binder for Easy Reference & Flipping

Make a Super Cute Portable File System

Keep Them Near Your Toys (for active use toys & manuals)

Do you have any great suggestions for organizing these items?  Any strategies to help resell of these toys later?





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