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Spring 2014 Dates TBA

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7 & Comments

yakimama 20-Mar-2011 06:42 PM5 out of 5 stars
Great consignment sale. all of the volunteers are absolutely great and my theory is, if you don't like it, don't consign and don't go.

sarah 20-Mar-2011 02:01 AM5 out of 5 stars
I am a consigner, a volunteer, and a buyer of this sale in yakima. I also am an avid shopper in many different areas. I have been a mommytime atendee for 6 sales and a consigner 4 of those sales. I am very pleased and excited to here when m...ommytime
is coming because it is wonderful for the yakima community. Everyone views items differently so a small stain on something for one person is not the same for the next. I am not judgemental about anyone so to hear people being negative about such a good thing
that helps moms i find unfair but everyone has an opinion and are entitled to share that opinion. I had privlage to attend the tricities sale also and helped there and to my surprise on the day i was there from 8-6 there was no other volunteers i know that
volunteers are crucial to these sales and without them they would not be able to happen. To touch on quality and price everybody prices their own items and the items may be to high but dont buy it if you dont like it that is not the businesses fault Quality=
Volunteers the more volunteers we have the better chances we will see a stain on a item and pull it from the sale which we do when we find something So I am very pleased with mommytime and all of the people who put it on it is a great thing to bring to the
yakima community and helps so many people in many different areas of life
Valerie Robinett 19-Mar-2011 10:26 AM5 out of 5 stars
Feedback was taken in at the sale (as I know all these comments are people in regards to Tri-Cities-not Yakima)I was well aware of the many comments posted on facebook and felt they were very unfairly representive Mommy Time but everyone does have their
opinions. In regards to the quality I am very aware that we are all in a very rough economic situation and that also includes some of the families that are struggling much more than others. Put it this way we have all heard the saying one man's junk is another
man's treasures. But that can also be reversed. One man's treasures can be one man's junk. So tell me how anyone with an accepting heart that wants to help all and not just a certain economic group can tell someone that their stuff is not acceptable? One my
website for consigning I do state currect, clean, good condition. I have learned that what each mom considers quality is quite different and for me to pass judgement on anyone based on my standards is not fair. If someone feels it is worthy to bring to the
sale they feel it is something another person will be interested in- so I give them the same opportunity to sell as the person that brings in all boutique items. I feel the Yakima sale has been so successful and embraced by the Yakima community because for
the most part that community can look past the things they are not interested in and still find the treasures they are looking for and those items that were not of quality to them have been to others that may not be as fortunate as others that just want clothing
on their children and don't care what the brand is. I have a number of Tri-City moms that consign in Yakima because they are very pleased with the sale and it is even worth it to them to drive and participate in that one as well as Tri-Cities. I look forward
to the time more of the Tri-Cities participants can see the sale for what we are trying to accomplish for ALL moms regardless of their walk of life. I WILL NOT organize a sale that excludes a certain group based on economic status, race or anything else. I
appreciate the feedback and always do consider all that is received. I will also touch on the the feedback received about the cleanliness of items. During the sale I stated that I was not able to inspect items because I didn't have enough volunteers to do
that. Many consignors felt that was unacceptable because I should have the man power to do that. Again this is a sale that the succes relys on the assistance of volunteers if this were a business that had employs consignors would not be receiving the sale
percentages that they receive they would rather receive the percentages you would receive at a normal consignment store (which on average now days is 40%). I hope this response is taken into consideration when passing judgement on the event. I know the event
is not perfect and I will never please everyone but I do strive to make it successful and enjoyable for ALL. Thanks to those that have participated if you have not returned as a consignor nor shopper I understand if this was not for you and I thoroughly enjoy
being able to bring this event back for those that continue to participate and are helping make this sale what it is. THANKS!!
M's mom 22-Feb-2011 12:32 PM3 out of 5 stars
NanaAnn 09-Feb-2011 09:48 PM1 out of 5 stars
I really hope they read our comments as GOOD consignment sales are really needed in this economy.
MamaB 07-Nov-2010 02:47 PM1 out of 5 stars
Waste of time for both consigners and shoppers. If you want to consign don't go through them. Sale was completely disorganized and not well run. A good portion of the items were in horrible condition and there was no one checking for stains, etc. It made it hard for those of us who had nice items to sell anything. The first impression for shoppers walking in the door was not good. It was not advertised well at all, location was terrible, very little signage outside. No one went. The owner does not take constructive advice and criticism well and was just plain rude. Not a good way to run a business, I know at least 6 consigners that will not be back again. As the previous person said, craigslist was overrun with complaints and the owner stands behind all of her decisions. I felt bad for the vendors that were actually paying to be there. I hope she was wise enought to offer them a refund after seeing how little traffic there was.
newgeemaw 24-Oct-2010 07:39 PM1 out of 5 stars
If you want to sell items a consignment store and secondhand store will not accept then go to a MommyTime event! If you want to purchase gently used items at reasonable prices then DO NOT waste your time at one of their events. Granted pricing is not TOTALLYup to them, BUT QUALITY is! And the half-off day is a total joke! Very few items were marked down. The local Craigslist was hopping with ticked off mamas posting about poor quality and ridiculous prices. I saw DIRTY, UNWASHED clothing!GROSS!