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The Kids Clothesline

Fri Sept. 25 from  10am - 8pm
Sat Sept 26 from 10am - 6pm
Sun Sept 27 from 10am - 6pm


Sale Information:

The Kids Clothesline is Pennsylvania's Largest Semi-Annual Children's Consignment Event! All Items are inspected for quality at our highly organized event.  With 700 + families participating each sale and over 100,000 items there is something for everyone!  We accept Cash & Credit Cards. Volunteer to shop our private presale on thursday! Half price on sunday! See our website for details.



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22 & Comments

SavyShopper 10-Feb-2012 02:33 PM5 out of 5 stars
Simply the best in the area !!! This sale is Largest of its kind in the area. Why shop multiple times when the selection here is larger than all others combined. The clothes are clean, the prices are in check, and all the ppl involved are fabulous. Spread
the word ... I can not wait till Spring to shop. With the Economy in the crapper, you cannot beat this one stop shopping.

Penny 18-Jan-2012 11:07 AM5 out of 5 stars
I have been participating in The Kids Clothesline sale for the last several years and it just gets better and beter each time! The quality and quantity of items can't be matched by any other kids consignment sale around! Well worth it as a consignor and
a shopper!
emsmommy 17-Jan-2012 05:39 PM5 out of 5 stars
In today's failing economy I struggle to buy anything. Going to this sale, I was able to shop literally for hours and find so many things!! Yes, you WILL wait in line.... but I wait in line anywhere on black Friday... so I look at it as my black Friday
shopping that comes around twice a year! I plan to have a sitter and plan to go home exhausted and happy!!!!! The coolest part I think is that I'm able to sell my items and it helps me pay for the stuff I buy!!! I even seen my doctor's wife shopping this sale!!!
With this economy.... all I can say is that I thank God that I am able to buy my daughter the things she actually wants at the prices that I actually can afford.
DS 17-Jan-2012 11:26 AM5 out of 5 stars
This sale gets better every year! It's HUGE!! Most prices are awesome - if something is too high for me, I take my chances and come back on Half-off day! It's fabulous! It saves my husband and I tons of money; we use our savings for vacation!
Jess 14-Jan-2012 11:22 PM5 out of 5 stars
Love this sale!! It is the largest of its kind in our area and the most organized. I have both consigned and shopped the sale and wouldn't go anywhere else. Everyone is very friendly and I have a great time volunteering, gets me out of the house to do
something different for a few hours. The selection of items is amazing, you are sure to find what you are looking for and the quality is great!!
eileen 04-Aug-2010 08:28 AM5 out of 5 stars
I have consigned, volunteered and shopped at these sales almost since the beginning and have had an awesome experience with this sale. Since the expectation is high quality and cleanliness, I am able to do most of my shopping for needed presents wardrobe and toys for my daughter for the season. As a consigner, I am able to make a good amount of money by providing my outgrown, high quality toys and clothes. I have found consigning with this event to be great as it is a short term sale and I see a check only a few weeks after the sale so my reward is timely. I also love volunteering because it gives me a chance to do something really different, increases my profit and is alot of fun. I have found the owner to be very responsive to any questions or needs that I may have. I love this sale!!
DameHinner 02-Aug-2010 03:36 PM5 out of 5 stars
I've been to many consignment shops and sales and by far this is the best around. You receive more money back then if you consigned at a store, and you sell more items because more people shop here then any other sale in our area. Amanda does a wonderful job of keeping the sale running smoothly, from drop off to checking out. I love the convenience of having access to such a large variety of clothing, toys and baby gear all in one spot. You can save a ton of money and time by shopping here instead of running all around the Lehigh Valley. The items are in perfect condition and there is nothing better then being paid to shop! I was able to sell almost all of my son's old clothing and made enough money to buy everything I needed for this upcoming year! Amanda has thought of everything needed to make this sale enjoyable for everyone involved!
Kimberly Vandever 30-Jul-2010 02:33 PM5 out of 5 stars
This sale is the BEST!!!! I tell anyone and everyone that has kids how great the sale is. Amanda and Chuck really do a WONDERFUL job and are very orginized. If you have never shopped at the sale, Come on out. It is a MUST shopping experience :-)I have been doing this sale for about 3 years now and I get so excited every sale time!!!
KH 29-Jul-2010 10:25 PM5 out of 5 stars
Great sale. Have been working and selling for several years. Very organized. Great stuff. All in perfect condition. Everyone is super friendly. And lots of choices. Huge!!
Betsy 29-Jul-2010 10:16 PM5 out of 5 stars
I have been a part of this sale since my daughter was born - found out about it through some "Mommy" connections. Went to the Pre-sale for new Mom's with a pregnant friend of mine and couldn't stop shopping! The next sale I volunteered and since then I've been on the committee helping out! I think by far it is the best consignment sale I have ever seen. The owner does an amazing job of keeping it organized, is always looking for ways to improve, make it easier to shop, quicker to check out and always listens to feedback. Yes, she has some rules in order to consign, but they are good rules with a purpose - to make it easier for people to buy! And who doesn't want people to buy more of your stuff!! I like going there and shopping, knowing that the items I pick off the racks are of good quality and someone has inspected them to make sure they are ok. Then I know I don't have to look at them so closely. And I liked picking out my stuff at the end this past time - I got to do more shopping for items super cheap! And if I didn't find my stuff, it was donated, so I didn't care. I will continue to shop, consign and volunteer as long as the owner has the sale - I love it! :)
KM 29-Jul-2010 07:54 PM3 out of 5 stars
Best sale around. I have worked and consigned from the very first year. Yes, you have to put a little effort into selling your items but it is so worth it to be part of such an organized event. Where else can you drop off your unwanted items and get a check a few weeks later. I have made my Christmas money ever October and my kids camp money every April. I also really enjoy working the sales and getting the great deals. If I were you, I'd ignore some of the people that wrote negative comments.
Stacey 29-Jul-2010 03:11 PM5 out of 5 stars
Have been consigning and working the sale for the past three years and love it! Will continue to sell and help out! Sale is extrememly organized and professional. Consigners make their own prices for items so there are a variety of prices, sizes and items! If the sale wouldn't be so specific in requests, I don't feel it would be as large a success as it is every year! See ya in the fall!
JK 29-Jul-2010 12:57 PM5 out of 5 stars
This sale is fabulous!!! What a great way to make some extra money and to find high quality items at a fraction of the cost. Yes it does take some work to get your items ready but it takes time to get a yard sale together too and the profits are much better with consigning!!! I personally feel the owners are very friendly and are always looking for great new ideas to keep it running smooth. As far as pickup is concerned, many of these sales across the country use the same system for pickup. I agree with the other posts that you SHOULD few items behind, anything left benefits a great cause and I think any of us are well off enough to participate on helping others. I recommend this sale to everyone I know, it is amazing and keeps growing every year!!! Thanks Amanda for all of your hard work!!!
JB 29-Jul-2010 12:54 PM5 out of 5 stars
Love this sale! I've been doing it for years. Very organized and they take only the best stuff. In response to the few negative comments - each individual prices their own items, so prices vary greatly. I've gotten MANY great deals here. Also, I wasn't missing ANYTHING at pickup. Yes, it was a little tough looking through everything, but imagine just a few people having to sort ALL of that for everyone, so I understand why it was done that way. There are also plenty of volunteer opportunities to earn a higher percentage. If you're organized, it's easy to get your items ready for the sale. It doesn't take me that long at all to get my items ready. The owner is very friendly and always looking for ways to improve the sale and make it a positive experience for everyone. Remember, it is impossible to please EVERYONE! I will definitely be back for the fall sale, both to consign and to shop!
An4 29-Jul-2010 12:17 PM5 out of 5 stars
I have been selling at and shopping this sale since the beginning. The owners are fabulous caring people who are always trying new things and trying to constantly improve the sale. The other great thing is that the owners of the sale are on property 100% of the sale. The Kids Clothesline is a great way to make some money and recycle your children's clothing in a win win way. I have four children and appreciate that I can walk into the clothesline and buy great quality clean clothing for a fraction of the cost of buying new. The sale is picky but that makes it great for you as a don't have to worry about getting items that are stained or ripped or damanged. Consigning does take a bit of work but again you are getting a check. In my mind the stuff you are selling you no longer need so any check is a great bonus. As far as pick up does take a bit of work on your part but if you are organized in knowing what you need to get and coming kid free for an hour or will leave with most of your items. Also know that if you can't find a few items....they are all being donated to people that truly appreciate them. If you have never sold before, this is a fantastic way to give it a try. Start collecting metal hangers, putting outgrown clothing in a pile and start early. It's a fun way to not only sell but also buy and meet some great people along the way. There are plenty of ways to volunteer to make a bit more money or to be extra involved. Give it a will not regret the experience. Remember nobody or nothing is perfect.
SH 29-Jul-2010 11:36 AM5 out of 5 stars
I recommend this sale to everyone - to consign, volunteer or shop.

It is highly organized and efficient.

Yes, they are strict - but that's what keeps the garbage out. It's a quality consignment sale, not a yard sale where people can get rid of their garbage.

The owner is conscientious and honest, and always looking for ways to improve the sale and the processes involved.

People have complained about picking up unsold items, but if you show up willing to look a little bit, you can find those items. With well over 300 items sold and about 75 to pick up, I didn't lose anything - sure maybe I had to look in a different size than it belonged, but with thousands of people coming to this sale and moving things around, it's bound to happen.

Check in is organized and efficient, check out is also organized and efficient.

I highly recommend this sale - both as a seller and a buyer.

MH 29-Jul-2010 11:21 AM5 out of 5 stars
Unbelievably organized and efficient! This sale is definitely one of the best of its kind. It is run with honesty and credibility, and I cannot say enough about the effort that the owner puts in to make this HUGE sale a pleasurable experience for all involved. I don't know how she does it. The entire process, from check-in to check-out, is smooth and seamless. The workers are friendly, capable, and helpful, and the items for sale are of the highest quality. I tell so many friends and family about this sale, because I just think it is spectacular. I look forward to being a customer for many many years.
Jamie 29-Jul-2010 11:16 AM5 out of 5 stars
I have shopped this sale since 2007 and worked/consigned it since 2008. I find the sale to be very organized and well worth my time to volunteer and hang/tag my stuff. Most of my items sell and I always make a good profit. The owner is very kind and pleasant and is always looking to make things better for her consignors, volunteers and the shopping public. The sale is by far the best I have seen. I highly reccomend this sale to anyone who is looking for a great deal on anything you need for your children. The high quality and organization of this sale make it the best in my opinion.
LAKO 11-Jun-2010 03:57 PM5 out of 5 stars
Very organized sale. I have shopped this sale since 2007 and have always found some great bargains. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself!
DR 06-May-2010 08:04 AM3 out of 5 stars
Oops meant to put check out was a nightmare. Also wanted to comment on the extra $10 fee that was deducted from my check because I had over 300 items ... seriously. I also found that the person running the event was so unfriendly. She never even introduced herself at checkin and I was a worker. I don't think I would do the sale again because I would rather make money for someone that was actually friendly not unfriendly.
FR 20-Apr-2010 08:07 AM1 out of 5 stars
Pickup was a nightmare - had to go through all the racks and find your items. After over two hours of searching for my items I just gave up and had items never found - over 10 of 50 that I was to pick up. I do not like those numbers and where did the items go??!?! If everyone lost even a few items there would be 100's of items missing and EVERYONE was missing items! Made you sign a release when you picked us so they held what you could find hostage till you sign that they aren't liable! Not very legal! Lost some great stuff that was new with tags! Said maybe itwas being sold as we spoke but atlas no added sales to my total! Would not be back again - not worth all the work for only 60% and $10 fee.
CB 25-Feb-2010 01:29 PM2 out of 5 stars
Tough to sell with this group. Very strict about hangers, number of items to sell, etc. Prices are higher in general than other area sales.