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Bubble’s Kids is the one stop shop for clothes, entertainment and accessories for all children from newborn though five years old.


Store Information:

NEW LOCATION!!!!! 1724 Battleground Ave Greensboro NC Tues - Sat 10 am - 5 pm Sun-Mon Closed

Consignor Information:

* No work on your part: We price, tag and track all of your items for you. * 50% pay off (you get 50% of the final sale price) * No hold on your money. You can pick up your money at anytime. * Online accounts (you can see all of you consigned items anytime/anywhere). * Drop & Go service means you dont have to wait


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3 by "Old School" Comments

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liveforchrist 13-Jun-2011 08:26 AM4 out of 5 stars
Awesome place to shop!!! I Love how helpful they always are and the selection of Clothing and Equipment is GREAT!! Bubble's Kids has improved so much since the new owner took over!! Its so much more organized and put together!! I tell all my friends about
Emily 25-Mar-2011 10:19 PM5 out of 5 stars
I went in today and was just so pleased with the merchandise and the owner. Lots of great baby gear that's in good shape at great prices. I am going to make a point of always checking Bubble's before any other store!
Tori's Mama 18-Mar-2011 10:21 PM4 out of 5 stars
Get's better everytime I go in! Great selection on toys, gear and clothng. Definitely worth a visit!

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