Kit n'Caboodle Quality Childrens Consignment

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Childrens consignment, maternity, furniture, equipment

Store Information:

"We carry the whole Kit n' Caboodle for all your family needs."

Our goal is to provide you with quality products at affordable prices and a unique shopping experience. When you walk in, you’ll realize that our store is hands on for everyone. Your children are encouraged to "free-play" while you shop and if you forget
your stroller or sling you can place your little one in an exersaucer or bounce chair.

All of our products are new or in "like new" condition. You will find all of your favourite brands of childrens clothing, equipment, toys, strollers, maternity, nursery furniture and more.

We believe that when our smallest customers are happy, their parents are too!

Consignor Information:

great consignment rates


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