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Ah, the sweet holiday season is upon us! And while I LOOOOVEEE the holidays, it also means a VERY sad “consignment-sale-less” season is upon us here in Greensboro, NC. How I envy those of you with holiday and all-seasons sales in your world!!! If you want to know if there are any late season consignment sales near you? Go here and enter your ZIP to see!
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Five Things I’m Glad I Consigned

In the past, I’ve mentioned five things I’m glad I didn’t consign over the years. Here’s a list of things I’m glad I consigned and why.  ...Read More!!!

Battle of the Sexes: Why Girls Always Win at Consignment Sales

Every Consignment Mommy who has a boy (or three) just gave a sympathetic head nod when she saw this title. Consignment sales confirm Renfroe family rule #2: Life’s not fair. There will always be more of an abundance of cute girls’ items at consignment sales and a far smaller selection for boys. Why is that and what can you do as a shopper and consignor to make it better? Here’s the 411.
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Why Doesn't My Sale Allow ___?

My best consignor tip: READ your consignor instructions.  This is especially important if you are consigning for the first time or trying to sell at a new sale.  The biggest section to note:  ACCEPTED ITEMS.  These standards can vary between sales and you certainly don't want to waste time tagging & prepping an item that won't make it to the sale floor!  Below, our Chief Blogger Elizabeth shares the nitty gritty on a few items that some sales take and some sales don't.  ...Read More!!!

GUEST POST: WeMakeItSafer Safety Pledge Updates

GUEST POST from Jennifer Hopp of WeMakeItSafer

Hello Sale Owners! Since 2011, WeMakeItSafer has been happy to provide free tools such a our Recall Finder apps to help keep your fans, followers, visitors and customers, SAFE. We are very pleased that so many people have installed these apps, and that the number of users continues to grow.  Unfortunately, costs of supporting these applications has grown considerably as well. ...Read More!!!

Our Top Five Tips for Bringing Home More Consignor Cash

Has anyone ever asked you what your goals are as a consignor? Whether it’s to sell more than you spend, declutter or to save up for something big, everyone enjoys bringing home a bigger consignor check. Here are five ways to maximize your consignor check with kids consignment sales:  ...Read More!!!

The Cobbler's Children Have No Shoes (AKA I Am the Worst Consignor Ever)

Do you remember the story about the cobbler’s children having no shoes because he’s busy making everyone else’s? Time got away from him. I am the modern day consignment sale cobbler. My phone’s calendar already has the dates for the next four Children’s Market sales. There is no excuse for me to never be ready for a sale, yet it happens every single time. I make plans, I have goals. I get busy. Here is what you can learn from my bad habits.  ...Read More!!!

5 Time Saving Tips for a Bigger Consignor Check

Preparing your children’s items for the kids’ consignment sale doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With a little planning & organization, you can turn your casual consigning into some serious cash for your family! I always suggest that moms start here.  Here are a few time-saving tagging tips to make your consignment sale prep easier and more profitable.  ...Read More!!!

Five Ways To Be “Fired” As A Volunteer

Every consignment sale has one thing in common. They rely on a team of people to transform an empty space into a sprawling, bustling pop-up event. Whether people are called a volunteers, workers or team members, their jobs are vital. Confession: Sale owners really love most of our volunteers. However, there are some things that can frustrate even the kindest sale owner. Here’s a list of “Never Should You Evers” for consignment sale volunteers.
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Ten Trends in Consignment You Should be Excited About

Want to know what's up and coming in consignment world? Here are a few trends we are noticing in our growing industry!  ...Read More!!!