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No longer having a sale

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No longer having a sale

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  1. Faith

    I’ve visited this sale a time or two in the past and have always found some amazing items for my little ones. The boys section is always packed with really nice dress clothes which is what keeps me coming back. Apparently there are a lot of Moms that consign here that have a kids in various sports because I always find helmets, knee pads etc. that fit our needs.

    Saturday morning (3/25/17) my Mother and I ventured to the sale hailing all the way from Greensboro looking for deals. We arrived and started looking around, immediately we noticed that the items were not only overpriced but unorganized as well. It was extremely difficult to find items in the sizes we needed because the place was in such disarray. There were not a lot of volunteers at the sale and those that were, were ALL in the front, some were working and others were just sitting there looking around. There was NO ONE working the floor, not a soul. There was no one working the hold area so I called out to one of the volunteers and asked her how to place my items on hold she instructed me to “just put them over there by the wall”. My first thought was, well what if someone comes over and just starts looking through my stuff? There wasn’t anyone over there to make sure they didn’t. Weird. I’m no rookie, this isn’t my first rodeo I’ve been to almost every sale in the Triad. There are some really good ones in the area (Trinity Tots to Teens, Kids Konsignment, etc) that are sooo organized and thought out, and this particular sale should take note. There was no particular place to sort through your items no “go back racks” for items you decided not to get, so we found a random table near the so called hold area and started going through our things. I found a beach canopy and was really excited about purchasing it, but because this is not my first rodeo I knew to make sure that all the pieces were there and that it was working properly before purchasing. Reason being, most consignment sales do not accept returns or exchanges so to save myself the drama I never purchase ANYTHING without assuring it works! There was no “satisfaction station” or person in the hold room that could help me with setting it up so I started to do so on my own. Before I got very far a lady appeared and stated “Can I help ya?”, mind you no one had asked that the entire time I was there, I turned to her and said “help me set this up? Sure!” She had this puzzled look on her face but did attempt to help me. Instead of actually setting it up she tried to assure me that it was working and that it was simple to do. She then tried to repack it in the bag. I asked her was it ok for me to set it up so that I can make sure its in good shape. She then says to me “well I’ll set it up and just leave it up if you’re not going to actually buy it” I assured her that I was going to purchase the item which is why I needed to assure it worked properly. She got really rude with me and I can tell she was aggravated that I wanted see the item up, which is honestly the FIRST time this has ever happened in my 5 years of consigning! THIS is why you have a person working your hold room, working the floor, and readily available to assist your guest when need-be. Not sitting in the front twiddling their thumbs as if they are lost. Do they really expect people to just purchase big items without making sure they’re in good shape? Give me a break. At this point I took notice of her name tag which read “Lisa” I started thinking and realized that she was the owner/director and became really upset with her behavior. You of all people should know better than to treat your costumers with such disregard and disrespect. To add insult to injury she then took the bag the canopy was in along with the tag and sat it up at the front as if I was going to try to steal the item! I was livid! I really had it in my mind to just leave everything I picked up and intended to purchase there and go my way. However, I’d been looking for a beach canopy for so long I just HAD to have it. She walked off from me with an attitude and refused to make eye contact with me the entire time I was there, when I came up to the register she was still acting nasty and just told one of the volunteers “oh this is her item” and handed it to her instead of me as if I was going to walk out of the door with it! Ridiculous!

    Looking around my Mother and I were the only people of color in the entire establishment so maybe this also played a part in why she pre-judged us. But I say to you Ms. Lisa not everyone of color is a THIEF. You have no right to mistreat and disregard Mothers who come to shop at your sale just because they don’t look like you! What you did Saturday was dispicable! I hope that after reading this you will change your ways and the flow of your sale. Because you failed to create an area where people can go and test their items (electronics, swings, toys etc.) you incited and incident that has costed you a customer and many more to come!

    There is a BIG difference between consignment sale that are non-profit and those that are all profit. The non-profit sales which are mostly ran by churches show so much class and grace and try to assist customers in the best way that they can. However, this is the second consignment sale that I’ve been to that was for profit or privately owned and the owners were RUDE! Its really a shame. It’s clear they are more concerned about their own selfish gain than being a service to the community.

    So if you’re of Mother of color this might not be the sale for you. Not unless you want to be pre-judged and treated like a common criminal. I would rate this sale a ZERO if I could. Don’t waste your time. The items are extremely overpriced and the customer service is horrible.

    March 27, 2017 at 11:42 am Reply