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About ConsignmentMommies.com

What is ConsignmentMommies.com?

ConsignmentMommies.com is the leading national consignment sale and store directory and social networking site on the web.  A collaborative community of moms helping moms, ConsignmentMommies.com’s nationwide directory of 1,500 sales and 750 stores includes helpful ratings and reviews provided by in-the-know shoppers and sellers.  Tips, advice and ideas from swap savvy moms also keep ConsignmentMommies.com users updated on the ever-evolving consignment industry.

Who created ConsignmentMommies.com?

The mother-daughter team of ShariKilgariffandChrissyFreeman are the “mommyminds” behind the ConsignmentMommies.com website.  Two of the savviest shoppers around, Kilgariff and Freeman saw the opportunity to combine their love for consigning with an online community to help other mothers, grandmothers, and even some cost-minding dads, find the best consignment sales and stores throughout the U.S.  The duo welcomed ConsignmentMommies.com to the world in 2009.

Who’s on ConsignmentMommies.com?

Everyone.  From moms and grandmothers to dads and sisters, the ConsignmentMommies.com community is growing daily.  ConsignmentMommies.com welcomes more than 5,000 visitors to the website every day and has received over 1 million pageviews from swap savvy moms.

Chrissy Freeman

FREEMAN9Founder & Chief Consignment Mommy

I’ll admit, I can sometimes be “picky” about things.  So, when I got pregnant and my mom stocked her own personal nursery with consignment sale finds, I was skeptical.  And then, I went to my first sale.  And my second. And my third.  I was quickly addicted.  Not only was the selection exponentially better than what I was finding at Target, Carter’s and Baby Gap, but it was a great green approach. Plus, the toy & clothing quality was surprising and of course, the prices were great.  I’m now a confessed Consignment Sale Addict in need a 12 Step Program. Oh wait, I wrote the 12 Step program… find it here.

These days, I’m a work-home-mama with two fabulous boys – Jackson & Parker. I love design, decorating, crafting, shopping and all things hot pink. In my pre-mommy life, I was a dance teacher, a marketing strategist and a web designer for several regional & national clients. Today, I’ve traded tutus & sequins for trains & trucks, but am channeling my web & marketing skills into all things consignment. I’ve designed, maintained and consulted on dozens of the nation’s leading consignment sale websites (check out some goodies here) and have loved connecting our community of swap savvy moms here at ConsignmentMommies!

One of the best parts of my “job” here as Chief Consignment Mommy is the time I spend with my mom and Grand Consignment Mommy! She’s my founding partner, my best bud, an expert bargain shopper and…. she’s norotious for pushing for babysitting time instead of “working hours.” (Yep, mom, I’m on to you!)


Shari Kilgariff

Founder & Grand Consignment Mommy

Shari is the the grand mommy of all bargain hunters and the “one who started it all.” She’s been a life-long consignment, thirft and Goodwill shopper – with a keen eye for a bargain (and good taste to boot!!) When she became a grandma in 2008, she quickly began scouring consignment sales & stores to create her own “grandma nursery.” Because… when you live 30 minutes from your daughter, you certainly NEED an entire nursery and house full of toys & goodies, right? Her consignment searching led us to spreadsheets, craiglist posts, dead-end web searches and a final determination that “we could make a list ourselves.” With her support (and lots and lots of babysitting, too!), ConsignmentMommies was born!

Shari is the detail lady behind the site – she meticulously updates all of the listings, sends reminders to sale owners and of course… takes care of two cute grand babies so Chrissy can design, code and Facebook!

Elizabeth Renfroe

Writer & Chief Consignment Blogger

Elizabeth Renfroe, from Jacksonville, Alabama, is a wife and mom of two teens.  After leaving the corporate world to become a stay at home mom in 2001, she realized she had to find a plan to keep her young family affordably dressed while supporting her habit of buying giant hairbows and smocked dresses.  It didn’t take long for Elizabeth to convince some friends from church to help start a consignment sale.  She has been involved with the Children’s Market Consignment Sale at Jacksonville First United Methodist Church since 2003.