Toodle Bugs Consignment

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Gladeville Community Center, 95 McCreary Rd, Lebanon, TN 37090, USA

Wed, June 03 from 7am - 7pm
Thu, June 4 from 7am - 7pm
Fri, June 5 from 7am - 7pm (50% OFF Discounted items)
Sat, June 6 from 7am - 11apm 50% OFF Discounted items
Sun, June 7 from 12pm - 4pm DOLLAR DA$H cash only event


Events Description

**EXCITING NEWS** Consignment sale in Wilson county at the Gladeville Community Center, located between Mount Juliet and Murfreesboro, TN! 👏🏻 Toodle Bugs Consignment is in need of your help for consignors and volunteers! Registration is open to sign up to be a consignor to earn extra cash by purging your gently used clothes and shoes for the whole family, toys, baby gear, home items and more! Sellers have potential to make up to 85% by working volunteer shifts. See website for details. Hope to see you there! The last day of sale will be a Dollar Dash benefiting Gladeville Elementary .🐊 💚

How to Consign

Becoming a Consignor

Step 1: Start by getting your consignor number:

Before you begin tagging items, you will need to register as a consignor with Toodle Bugs Consignment. Complete our simple online registration and get your number today! Everyone must pre-register to obtain a consignor number. ALL RETURNING CONSIGNORS – need to sign-up for the current event. If you have a previous consignor number with Over the Rainbow, please email us your old consignor # with a new one and we will get that updated for you. When selecting a number, please choose a 6 digit code with two letters and 4 numbers. Consignor numbers typically are the first letter of your first and last name along with 4 digits, typically that last 4 of your phone number. For example: AB1234. This helps us to sort your items more quickly and efficiently.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your consignor number is considered a lifetime number. Please continue to use the same number for each event you participate.

Step 2: Begin by hanging, TAGGING and pricing your items:

Once you have registered, begin gathering your items and preparing them to be tagged.

Please refer to our What to Consign? And Tagging Instructions pages for detailed instructions.

Step 3: Print your tags

This is the key part of our system. Every item must be entered into MyConsignmentManager and have a tag printed
with a barcode attached. Printed tags should be 8 to a page.

If you do not have access to a printer or find you are having challenges, you can generate the tags and then save the
PDF to a thumb drive. Any local office supply location can print them for you. REMEMBER to use 60-67 pound white

Step 4: Bring your items to DROP-OFF

All drop off is by appointment only. We do this to make sure we can get you in and out quickly and you are not standing in long lines waiting to drop off. Your drop off time depends on how many volunteers we have working, so please anticipate 20-30 minutes for this process. Before unloading your items, come check in first and do not leave until you have made sure all of your items have been checked in and accepted. Please do not be offended if any of your items are rejected, you may consider to go ahead and donate them to a local charity if they are not acceptable in our sale. To select an appointment, log into your MyConsignmentManager consignor account and you will see all available appointment times listed. Please bring a tote labeled with your consignor ID number if you plan on picking up your left overs.

Step 5: Shop the Consignors Only Private Sale!

SHOP EARLY! As a consignor you earn the privilege to shop before the public!

We are thrilled to have you at the Consignors Only Private Sale. No children are permitted during the private sale.
You’ve worked hard for this privilege and we want you and your fellow consignors to enjoy your shopping
experience. You will be required to provide your consignor number at entry. This will be an exciting night!!

Want to shop even earlier? Check out our VOLUNTEER INCENTIVES!

Step 6: Finish by picking up or donating your unsold items.

It is your choice to pick-up or donate your unsold items. Please follow tagging instructions carefully by marketing your
items for discounting and/or donating. It is highly recommending that you discount your items. You can choose all or
a select few.

All non-donated will be sorted and ready for pick-up. After the sale begins, the drop off time will be switched over to
a pick up time. Please select your pick up time to avoid crowds and long lines. We will work out best to have your
check available at pick-up times.

All items left not picked up during the allotted hours will be donated to local charities.


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