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Listing Help

How do I EDIT an existing listing?

  • Step 1: Log in to Your Account – You should have an email or confirmation from last season.  {if you’ve never updated, see info on CLAIMING a listing below}
  • Step 2: Click on your Username in the Top Right  – This takes you to your account page
  • Step 3: Click EDIT or RENEW under your LISTING – Both take you to a screen to update your sale info.  Each season, you just edit this same listing with new dates & location changes.

If you don’t see your listing in your account, it possible that it is in a DIFFERENT account or that you’ve never CLAIMED it.

My Listing says RENEW instead of EDIT

  • Good News: Both pages take you to the same place.
  • About RENEWALS: To help us weed out old listings, our system has a 180 renewal period on your listings.  Unfortunately, this date is EXCLUSIVE of your sale dates… so it’ll send you a reminder every 180 whether we have dates or not.

If you don’t see your listing in your account, see the notes below!

I don't see my listing in my account, where is it?

  • 99% of the time, users may not be looking in the ACCOUNT that has the listing {maybe you have TWO accounts or created a new one}
  • Email chrissy@consignmentmommies.com with your SALE NAME and USERNAME and we can help you sort it out!

I've never edited my listing, how can I add it to my account?

  • Step 1:Create a NEW Account 
  • Step 2: Navigate to your SALE PAGE and click the CLAIM button
  • Step 3: Wait! ConsignmentMommies has to approve this request {you don’t want just anyone claiming it, I promise!}

If you don’t see your listing in your account, see the notes below!

How do I add a NEW listing?

  1.  Click the “Add an Event” or “Add a Store” link in the top right
  2. Review the Upgrade Options for your listing
  3. Click the “Create a Listing” Option
  4. Choose an upgrade option, click next
  5. Add your sale or store info on the next step

FREE listings will be reviewed by our team in 2-3 business days.  UPGRADED listings will go live immediately.

I'm missing COMMENTS or RATINGS from my old ConsignmentMommies listing, can you help?

Historic Review Counts – These have been stored and are credited to you account for RATINGS badges.

Facebook Comments – We can migrate these over for you.  Simply email me chrissy@consignmentmommies.com with your listing link and I will see what we can do!