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High standards and organization have taken Heather Conrad and Urban Kids Consignment Event a long way! Check out what she had to share with us about her sale and see why in 2017 they were chosen as one of your National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! Their sale kicks off next week in Southern CA…. More Info

What’s the best thing about your sale? “It’s definitely the people!” That’s what Stacey Black, owner of Rhea Lana’s of Frisco/McKinney, had to share with us when we caught up with her regarding her honor as one of your National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! You can check them out starting Sunday 9/23/2018 at the Allen… More Info

Once again in 2017, JBF Western Mainline (Oaks) was honored as one of your National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! You don’t want to miss your chance to check out Just Between Friends Western Mainline in PA at the Greater Philly Expo in Oaks starting September 20, 2018. Tracy Panase shared some great info. with… More Info

In 2017, The Upscale WeeSALE was honored once again as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! You don’t want to miss this name brand sale with over 900+ families! Check them out September 12-16th, 2018 in Rock Hill, SC and find out a little more about them here: What is something… More Info

Sail Again was honored in 2017 as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! For the first time ever, you have two chances to shop, sell and save at their sail. Check them out in Concord, NC September 5-8, 2018 and in Mooresville/ Lake Norman September 12-17, 2018. Tammy shared some great… More Info

Kids EveryWEAR in Morrisville, NC was honored once again in 2017 as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! Consignors will be dropping off some amazing items starting August 19th and shopping opportunities start Monday September 7th and run through Monday September 17th, 2018. Kids Everywear shared some great info. with us below!… More Info

Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS was honored once again in 2017 as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! Don’t miss your chance to check out their sale at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in CO this Saturday August 18, 2018 or mark your calendar for their spring sale, Saturday, March 9, 2019. Check… More Info

Consignment Sale Shopping Checklists

Mamas!  There’s nothing worse than discovering TWO weeks after the consignment sale that you forget socks.  Or rain coats.  Or missed the costume section entirely.  A good list is PRETTYYY much required for a consignment sale.  You’ve got just a few days to shop shop shop and you gotta rock it out!!! Click the links below… More Info

Friends. Mamas. Y’all. My fabulous friend Author-Organizer Jennifer Ford Berry with Mothertime Marketplace: WNY’s Largest Family Consignment Sale is speaking some MAJOR truth today about decluttering. Bonus for us #ConsignmentMommies – we have the PERFECT place to SELL. ALL. THE. THINGS. If you need a pep talk and some guidance on decluttering and cashing in,… More Info

Congrats to Our 2017 Best Consignment Sale Winners

Congrats to these rockstars sales and all of the amazing nominees.  We had some CRAZY tight races in many markets!   2017 National Top 10 Consignment Sale Winners All 4 Kids Just Between Friends of Glen Mills (West Chester) Just Between Friends – Western Mainline Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS Kids Everywear Rhea Lana’s of Frisco/McKinney… More Info

You guys! It’s time! It’s time!  I am so excited to be releasing 40 ballots for our annual Regional Best Consignment Sale Contest.  There are some amazing sales all across the US and this is our chance to honor those sale owners for their hard work and rockstar status! Voting has concluded!

Deep breaths friends.  DEEEEEEPPP. BREATTTTHHHHS.  The big guy is going to be here in just 10 days.  That means toys, games, puzzles, clothes and books are going to DESCEND on our homes from all of those relatives and from that Jolly ol’ guy with the big bag of tricks. If you are desperate to clear a… More Info

Eeekk! It’s my favorite time of year, y’all!  Twinkle lights, Christmas Carols and a chance to honor the AMAZING consignment sales listed on our website! Each year, we hold our Regional (and National) Best Consignment Sale Contests, where our fans help us choose the best sales across the country. NEW this YEAR! We’ve expanded our… More Info

In 2016, KidSense {a Pennsylvania Consignment Sale} was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales. Recently, they shared their story for you!

Just Between Friends’ next sale in Oaks, PA is coming up Thursday 9/21/17 through Sunday 9/24/17. We hope you can check them out for yourself! In 2016, Just Between Friends – Western Mainline was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales. Tracy shared with us what makes JBF of Western… More Info

“Katelyn and I dream of introducing you to a new way of outfitting your kids with the highest quality clothes, toys and gear at prices every family can afford. Please contact us with questions. We would love to hear from you!” – Melissa Schroeder   In 2016, Rhea Lana’s Overland Park was honored as one… More Info

“I am proud to offer what I truly believe is THE BEST consignment event in the industry, Rhea Lana’s! I’m proud of our advanced technology of voice item entry, the RL app, live sales, checks on pickup day, and free admission!” -Natalie Nolen In 2016, Rhea Lana’s Midland Odessa was honored as one of Consignment… More Info

In 2016, Kids EveryWear in Morrisville, NC was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales!  You can check out their Fall sale Friday 9/8/17 through Monday 9/18/17 with discount price days starting Saturday 9/16/17. Be sure to check out below what Beth and Gail of Kids Everywear shared with us!… More Info

It is almost time to check out JBF West Chester/Media/Glen Mills, PA for their fall sale Thursday 9/7/17 through Sunday 9/10/17! In 2016, Just Between Friends, Glen Mills was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! Kelly, of JBF Glen Mills, recently shared with us how she and her sister… More Info

Starting Tuesday 9/5/17 through Sunday 9/10/17, those of you near the Rock Hill, SC area have a chance to check out The Upscale WeeSale; a nationally recognized sale!   In 2016, The Upscale Weesale was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales. We reached out to Kim Willaby to find… More Info

In 2016, Rhea Lana’s El Dorado {an Arkansas Kids Consignment Event} was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales. Melissa Polk, the owner of Rhea Lana’s of El Dorado shared their story and some great advice!

If you were in the Denver, CO area on 8/12/17, we hope you had a chance to check out Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS!   In 2016, Kids Consignment Sale by MOMS was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales.  Recently, they shared their story for you! How did you get… More Info

It’s no secret that we are a little consignment sale obsessed around here.  And to let you in on the “ways of the Consignment Mommies,” we have put together a list of how you can ROCK OUT with kids’ consignment sales each season.   If you are new to sale world, you may not know these… More Info

Congrats to Our 2016 Best Consignment Sale Contests! Atlanta, GA – Tykes, Tots & Teens Consignment Sale Conyers Austin, TX – Just Between Friends Williamson County Boston, MA – There They Grow Again Charlotte, NC – Teri Kidz Consignment Sale Chattanooga, TN – Rhea Lana’s of Chattanooga Dallas / Ft. Worth – Just Between Friends… More Info

#1 – Tag the Big Stuff First Many mamas get started with clothes, but we suggest going for your baby gear, outdoor equipment and big toys first.  These high-demand items are the FIRST to go at a kids consignment event.  Plus, most gear & equipment categories can be resold for 30-40% of their retail value,… More Info

It’s the #1 question that my friends ask me when pricing their items: Should I go higher and discount or do I go a little lower and choose “no discount?”  I asked some of the my very fabulous sale owner friends to weigh in and here are their answers:   Consider Demand! It depends on… More Info

Here’s our list of 5 brands that hold their resale value over time: American Girl:  This company has captured the attention of little girls everywhere with their dolls, accessories, books and other products.  The dolls are expensive yet durable.  Because they can be considered collectibles, some dolls will increase in value over time.  What doesn’t… More Info

Rodan and Fields foaming Sunless Tanner, Daily Body Moisturizer, Lip Shield, and 2 mini facials that include a sample of Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, Redefine Night Renewing Serum, and Redefine Lip Renewing Serum from Staci Haire  (Level V Consultant with Rodan and Fields – the creators of Proactiv What they did for acne, they are now doing… More Info

Pricing is the #1 reason why you are picking up a lot (or a little!) at the end of the consignment sale.  In this video, I share how I put pricing at the CENTER of my tagging process.  It’s a REALLY simple strategy that has meant almost 95% clothing sell through for me each season!… More Info

Common resale abbreviations for use at kids consignment sale, on Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade Groups and much more. Ever wondered what NWT, NIP, EUC, TCP, etc mean? We’ve put together a quick and helpful guide to help you navigate those resale acronyms.

Finding the sweet spot between pricing your items to sell and selling them to be profitable can be tricky.  But here’s the deal: pricing is EVERYTHING in consignment sale world and you’ll want to be on your A-game!  Great pricing is often the difference between a 90% sell-through or in picking up a huge stack… More Info

Gail Walker and Beth Pendola started the Kids EveryWear sale in 1998. In 2015, their sale was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’s National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales.  Recently, they shared their story for our readers. What made you decide to start your sale? Gail and I started the sale as a way to… More Info

Every season, our sale ends up with at least one lost tag that is missing it’s mate.  It usually has “outfit” or “pants” as a one-word description.  Here are four things every tag should have on it. #1 – Brand name For most toys and baby gear and all clothing and shoes, write the brand… More Info

When you are shopping HUNDREDS of items all in your kiddo’s size, the chances of finding an armful of clothing is pretty high.  The chances of getting exhausted toting around all those hangers?  DOUBLE HIGH!   Consignment sale pros have developed some PRETTY clever ways to totes their treasures around and here are some of… More Info

How many times have you prepped and tagged your items only to have some of them returned to you?  Here are five reasons sales say, “No thanks,” to clothes. Stray threads, pulled seams and loose hems:   In the pie chart of fabric problems, this group is the easiest and cheapest to fix.  These are… More Info

You’ve volunteered, consigned or won a preview sale shopping pass.  It’s finally time to shop at your favorite sale’s preview event.  Here are 10 tips to make it the best time ever: #1 – Make a shopping list (Use ours here as a start!) Prioritize essentials for each child, as well as second and third-round… More Info

As frugal mamas, we all want to minimize our tagging costs and maximize our profits, right???  Last week, I spent the morning comparing cardstock prices around town (Greensboro, NC). Tip #1 Know Your Paper Weights Standard Cardstock65lb weight – slightly thinner, but sturdy enough for tags Premium Cardstock – 110lb weight – thicker and a… More Info

In 1991, Kim Mitchell was a typical Southern mama on a tight budget. She went to a small consignment sale in someone’s basement and while she didn’t find anything in her daughter’s size, she did come home with the idea to host a sale of her own. Fast forward twenty-five years and Kim is the… More Info

You’ve heard about consignment sales.  You know you need to get rid of the clothes, toys and baby stuff your kids have outgrown.  You’re ready to dip your toe in the consignment sale pool and have registered to consign. So, what’s next?  Let us walk you through the simple steps for how to consign your… More Info

Guest Post by Sara Dawson, owner of KidSense in Pottstown, PA Not all consignment sale events are the same. Just like regular retail stores, consignment sales come in many forms. There are small, medium and large events. There are discount sales and high-end boutique sales along with everything in between. Make sure not to judge… More Info