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National Top 10 Best Consignment Sale: Kids EveryWEAR

Kids EveryWEAR in Morrisville, NC was honored once again in 2017 as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales!
Consignors will be dropping off some amazing items starting August 19th and shopping opportunities start Monday September 7th and run through Monday September 17th, 2018.
Kids Everywear shared some great info. with us below!

What is something interesting about how you got started?

When our first-born daughter was born, we were renovating an old house. My husband hung heavy 10 foot steel poles from chains from the ceiling of the dining room. I priced all of my daughter’s outgrown gently used items, I ran a yard sale ad, and so it began! I started keeping a handwritten mailing list and notifying folks of the next yard sale. I had no dreams of a consignment sale then, but that is what evolved over time! We still have folks shopping who shopped in my dining room! Once folks come to Kids EveryWEAR, they keep coming back! They schedule vacations around our sale! Come find out why we are voted a top 10 sale in the nation! – Gail

Care to share some tips?

  • We have added a heroes presale and a canned goods presale. Check out the details & click going on our FB events and shop early! We want to minimize the wait time for checkout by spreading out the shopping. Our lines are short because we have a great shopping schedule and almost 1000 awesome volunteer slots filled by volunteers to help you get out fast! Renting a space for a month means 9 days of shopping! Find one that works for you and come!
  • Come prepared! Bring lunch + dinner + snacks for you and your kiddos! Bring plenty of drinks.
  • Wear cozy clothes and shoes.
  • About a month before the event, start a note on your phone of items to buy and add to the list as you think of things.
  • Be sure to also have them try on last year’s clothes so you can sell the outgrown items and replace with the next size! Sell your own clothes and your husband’s items too! This pays for your shopping spree! I like to write their shoe size and clothing size and waist size on the list.
  • Dress your girls in leggings and a cami under a dress and they can pull off and on items while you shop!
  • Be sure they have slip on shoes on as well. (We offer fabulous fitting rooms but it helps to just let them try on in the aisles while you shop if they can try on over some clothes!)
  • Bring an iPad for your little ones with movies to watch or plenty to keep them occupied for many hours.
  • You’ll want a stroller for young ones too. Kids are welcome if you can attend to them, but arrange for childcare if at all possible.
  • Bring a wagon or a hamper with a string attached to hold your goodies.
  • Some people even bring a folding chair.
  • Make use of our HOLDS area to hold items so you can keep shopping.
  • Make a day of it.
  • The best tip of all is VOLUNTEER! Folks volunteer for 4, 8, 12, and even 24 hours to shop earlier and earlier at our sale. They come from other states! It is so worth it! Check out our volunteer options so that you can shop first too and get the best of the bargains! Consignors price their items from $1 and up. Get those one dollar deals by shopping first!
  • Consignors – don’t price high and then discount your items. Price them right and let them go at discount. The MOST shoppers come to full price days, so price for them. Use black ink. And mark your items for donation by using white cardstock. We make sure your items go where the need is huge!
  • Shoppers – Be sure to come back for half price and 75% off. There are at least 50,000 items left at half off! And the deals at 75% off are unreal! Volunteer and shop those discount days a day early! Discounts to volunteers start on 9/15. 50% off to the public starts on 9/16 and final 75% off is 9/17! I don’t know of other sales which offer 75% off. You should come. You will be thrilled!

What is the BEST thing about your sale?

We can say with all sincerity that our sale is the most organized around. It is absolutely amazing. We have department managers who volunteer 24-100 hours and make sure their department is absolutely the BEST! We are especially proud of our books department which is undoubtedly the best place to buy used books in the nation. Our new space at Cary Towne Center makes this even more possible! 92,000 square feet. We’ve bought 100 MORE clothing racks, more tables, more shelving. It is going to be off the charts AMAZING! And like I said earlier, I don’t think other sales offer 75% off days. But, perhaps the BEST thing is what we do with items donated to charity. Consignors choose if their items will be donated. Then the amazing book department managers pull all of those items at the end of the sale and sort them to go to over FORTY – yes 40 – different agencies by type of item, gender, and size! We give books to the schools and clothes to exactly where they are needed. The UNC NICU gets all of our preemie and nb-9 months donations! We make a difference with our donations. THANK YOU consignors for choosing to donate not pickup your unsold items!

Take Note…

We don’t stop at kids items. We have juniors, ladies and mens clothing, housewares, and furniture. You name it and we sell it! OK, maybe we don’t sell cars, but we sell cozy coupes galore! Join our Facebook page AND FB group so you don’t miss out on our contests! Then join our mailing list so you don’t miss out on our next event! We are hoping to be back at Cary Towne Center next February for our Spring/Summer sale!

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  1. JoAnne Cagle

    Best Sale I’ve ever been to. So well planned out and organized. So many wonderful treasures.

    January 25, 2019 at 12:21 pm Reply

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