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It’s no secret that we are a little consignment sale obsessed around here.  And to let you in on the “ways of the Consignment Mommies,” we have put together a list of how you can ROCK OUT with kids’ consignment sales each season.   If you are new to sale world, you may not know these… More Info

Here’s our list of 5 brands that hold their resale value over time: American Girl:  This company has captured the attention of little girls everywhere with their dolls, accessories, books and other products.  The dolls are expensive yet durable.  Because they can be considered collectibles, some dolls will increase in value over time.  What doesn’t… More Info

Common resale abbreviations for use at kids consignment sale, on Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade Groups and much more. Ever wondered what NWT, NIP, EUC, TCP, etc mean? We’ve put together a quick and helpful guide to help you navigate those resale acronyms.

You’ve volunteered, consigned or won a preview sale shopping pass.  It’s finally time to shop at your favorite sale’s preview event.  Here are 10 tips to make it the best time ever: #1 – Make a shopping list (Use ours here as a start!) Prioritize essentials for each child, as well as second and third-round… More Info

Guest Post by Sara Dawson, owner of KidSense in Pottstown, PA Not all consignment sale events are the same. Just like regular retail stores, consignment sales come in many forms. There are small, medium and large events. There are discount sales and high-end boutique sales along with everything in between. Make sure not to judge… More Info

Every Consignment Mommy who has a boy (or three) just gave a sympathetic head nod when she saw this title. Consignment sales confirm Renfroe family rule #2: Life’s not fair. There will always be more of an abundance of cute girls’ items at consignment sales and a far smaller selection for boys. Why is that… More Info

Guest Post by Angela Wynne of BabyCheapskate.com It doesn’t take a novice consignment shopper long to figure out that you can score some fabulous deals on toys at consignment sales. Stocking the playroom with gently used toys from consignment sales is a no-brainer for any budget-conscious parent, but knowing which toys get you the most… More Info

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your consignment shopping experience. 1.  Figure out how to shop before the public. Check the shopping schedule on your sale’s website. volunteers often shop first, followed by consignors, then the public. Some sales offer a special shopping time for new parents, teachers, first… More Info

Guest Post by Julia Scott, BargainBabe.com Little ones love playing dress up year round – not just on Halloween! (Make these 47 Halloween costumes at home.) When the weather gets super cold in the coming months, playing dress up can be a great activity and burn a good amount of energy. Same goes for when… More Info

Have you tried on running shoes lately? There are a wide variety of brands, styles and features available for someone who is shopping for athletic shoes these days. You have to try on several pair before you find one that fits all of your needs. Consignment sales can be the same way. There is such… More Info

GUEST BLOG: Local Consignment vs Meet-ups. Why does it matter?

The following is a blog article written by DeAnn Nightingale, Sale Organizer & Founder of Three Bags Full Children’s Consignment Events. This article was originally published on her blog and has been reprinted here with her permission. I was recently involved in a great conversation with a few local moms who had been selling their… More Info

Consignment Sales vs. Meet-Ups

One of the growing trends on Facebook is Meet-Up groups. Someone lists something for sale and others can either claim it outright to purchase or bid on a item. The seller and buyer arrange to meet in a public place and exchange money for the purchased item. It’s a common way to sell furniture, clothing,… More Info

By Marta Jiménez-Lutter, Swap.com “Not Snuggles!” whined my son when I attempted to clean out his pile of stuffed animals. It wasn’t only Snuggles, a fluffy white teddy bear; he found renewed interest in every single item I tried to pack away. He had not touched Snuggles in years. In fact, Snuggles lived at the… More Info

Educational Toy Deals: Best Buys from Kids Consignment Sales

Some of my absolute favorite “must haves” at consignment sales are educational toys and learning materials. Consignment sales are an excellent opportunity to pick up more expensive items and brands that you wouldn’t normally purchase at “standard” retail prices. Many of the pricier educational brands will last for years and years — making them excellent… More Info

Consignment Mommies across America are using cloth diapers on their little ones. It’s a budget and environment-friendly option for families. In one year, a family will spend over $800 on disposable diapers for one child or around $584 in cloth diapers for that same time. The difference in savings grows in year two, since cloth… More Info

HOARDING (as defined by the ConsignmentMommies.com dictionary): The practice of scooping up anything and everything cute, then debating those items in a corner for an hour, only to put back WAY more than you needed. (We are talking about intentionally taking WAY more than you ever intend to buy… not just taking your time to… More Info

Have you found an adorable outfit, only to get it home and find a hole or two where the tag was attached with a safety pin or a tagging gun?  In many cases, those holes will close up with just a normal wash cycle and a few minutes in the dryer.  Occasionally, some patience and… More Info

Getting Ready for Consignment Season NOW! ConsignmentMommies.com Featured on WGHP Fox 8

Shari and I share how we got started with ConsignmentMommies.com plus share tips on getting ready for NEXT fall now!  

Guest Post by Angela Wynne, author of The Baby Cheapskate Guide to Bargains It doesn’t take a novice consignment shopper long to figure out that you can score some fabulous deals on toys at consignment sales. Stocking the playroom with gently used toys from consignment sales is a no-brainer for any budget-conscious parent, but knowing… More Info

Guest by Yazmin Cruz, staff writer for the money and coupon blog, BargainBabe.com Make your kids’ clothes last longer to sell at consignment sales without going broke! There’s no need for fancy laundry products or spending hours doing laundry. I share my best tricks to extend the life of your kid’s clothes while saving money… More Info

How to Predict Your Child’s Clothing Sizes for ‘Next Season’

Until we can figure out how to STOP THESE KIDS FROM GROWING, we’ll have to do our best to predict our children’s height & weight changes from season to season. I can remember Jack’s first toddler winter. The poor guy had capris & belly shirts by the end of the 7-month “cold weather” season.  Major… More Info

By: Deborah Freeman, Just Between Friends Douglas County Even if it’s your first sale, you’ll feel like a pro with these tips! Prep: Shopping always goes smoothest if you prepare yourself ahead of time. Here’s what works for me. 1.   Get the largest and sturdiest laundry basket in your house. Tie a belt to the… More Info

We love to see & share your consignment sale hauls!  Here are a few fabulous collections  for your viewing pleasure! Check out Peach State Mom Blog’s haul from the Like New Consignment Sale in Fayetteville, all for just $44 17 outfits 8 Books 1 Blow up toy 1 Pool Floatie Check out Jenny from What… More Info

New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight (the ConsignmentMommies Way)

No need for gym memberships or workout videos this year… we’ve developed a consignment workout just for you ConsignmentMommies! Workout #1 – Stair-Climb-Consignment-Style 600 calories, $300 revenue At 3 calories per flight of stairs, you can definitely work up a sweat moving clothing from second-floor bedrooms to your first-floor tagging station.  So, grab a clothing… More Info

Have you ever stacked & re-stacked your plastic bins over and over, trying to find what is inside each?  Or just trying to get to the one on the bottom! Here are some PINTERESTING solutions for storing those plastic storage bins and laundry baskets. Sort It from the Get-Go Create a VERY Inexpensive PVC Organizer… More Info

We were so excited to share our top shopping tips with Charlotte Today! Prepping for your purchases #1: Make a list It’s easier to determine what you need if you know what you have. Take inventory of your little ones’ clothes, shoes and toys—determine what they still wear or will grow into. Make your list… More Info

Guest Post by Angela Davis of FrugalLivingNW.com I used to be an avid garage saler. I’d strap the kids into the minivan and we’d get our bargain on almost every weekend. I scored  tons of super cheap, high quality clothes over two or three summers. I thought I had mastered this whole “dressing your kids… More Info

GUEST POST: When Consignment Sales Attack: The $5 Christmas

I absolutely love hearing stories of how mommies “discovered” consignment world.  Here’s a great post from Stephanie Sears of the Brunette Foodie… Confession: I wasn’t born a thrifty spender. My parents tried to teach me to save money, but until the age of 22 I didn’t do a good job saving. I started working when… More Info

Tipsy Tuesday Recap: YOUR Best SHOPPING Tips

Every Tuesday, we poll our ConsignmentMommies on Facebook for their “best” consignment sale tips!  Each week, we’ll share the best ideas here on our blog! This Week’s topic generated some great advice & words of wisdom on how to score the REALLY good stuff! Bring a Tote Get a big blue bag from IKEA to… More Info

Chrissy Confessions… I Really Love Small Sales

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love going to a big warehouse sale and finding everything I need for my kiddos.  And across the country, there are some AMAZING “Mega Sales” where you can get an entire season’s wardrobe in one trip.   For those of you in those “Mega Sale” markets: I AM JEALOUS!… More Info

Every Tuesday, we poll our ConsignmentMommies on Facebook for their “best” consignment sale tips!  Each week, we’ll share the best ideas here on our blog! This Week’s topic generated some great advice & words of wisdom from seasoned sellers!! Creative Solutions The good ole bright sun helps get stains out, especially out of my cloth… More Info

RESOURCES for Replacements, Repairs & More

One of the cardinal rules of consignment “selling” is to ALWAYS sell completed games and toys.  If you need to replace a few pieces that are missing, need a sticker to two to sap on that Hot Wheels to make it look a little fresher, here are some resources to help: Replacement Parts Little Tikes … More Info

As you know, I’m a huge fan of SizeTracker – my chunky monkey QUICKLY breezed through 3 sizes one winter and I was left purchasing new clothes with only a few months left “in season.”  Then, I discovered SizeTracker.  It’s a brilliant tool that predicts children’s sizes and a perfect tool when you need to… More Info

Every Tuesday, we poll our ConsignmentMommies on Facebook for their “best” consignment sale tips!  Each week, we’ll share the best ideas here on our blog! Cheesy Note:  I just love our COMMUNITY spirit – you guys truly are MOMS HELPING MOMS!!!  ZIP TIES I suggest using zip ties on large baby items,(strollers,car seats,cribs) with taped… More Info

Pre-Gaming Consignment Sales – 7 Simple Steps to Get Done NOW!

Southern folks are snowed in, wives of college football junkies are tired of watching all these crazy bowl games and if you are like me, you are DREAMING of warmer weather, cute spring clothes and SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING!  So what’s a Consignment Mommy to do?  Here’s a list of 7 simple things you should be… More Info

Yes, go ahead and laugh at me… I have an incredibly cheesy knack for making things “consignment sale” related.  So, here is a quick list of New Year’s resolutions and how  consignment can help! 1. Save Money Well, duh! Consignment sales are a great way to save money on kids toys and clothes. With a… More Info

The best advice for consigning and shopping comes from the savvy mommies who have been consigning for years and years! If you are looking for ideas for shopping this weekend, here you go!  Here’s a great list of shopping tips from Jennifer Upton at Kentucky Kids Sale. 1.  Assess your needs Before you even think… More Info

Repeat after me: Consignment Sales are not Garage Sales, Consignment Sales are not Garage Sales…There’s a lot of “misunderstanding” about consignment sales.  Until you’ve been to a really good one, its hard to appreciate the full value in these sales.  If you are one of those trendy moms who is skeptical of the whole consignment… More Info

21 Things You Should Never Buy New – ConsignmentMommies edition

There’s a popular US News article called 21 Things You Should Never Buy New that’s been circulating in the consignment circles.  Sooo, I thought I’d create our own little Consignment Mommies edition.  I enlisted the help of our facebook fans and here is what we came up with: DVDs and CDs: Let’s face it, one… More Info