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21 Things You Should Never Buy New – ConsignmentMommies edition

There’s a popular US News article called 21 Things You Should Never Buy New that’s been circulating in the consignment circles.  Sooo, I thought I’d create our own little Consignment Mommies edition.  I enlisted the help of our facebook fans and here is what we came up with:

  1. DVDs and CDs: Let’s face it, one can only watch the Wiggle’s Christmas special but soooo many times. Recycle your kids DVD’s and refresh your collection each sale season.
  2. Books: These are one of my favorite consignment sale items – especially for the classics!
  3. Video Games: US News says “Kids get tired of video games rather quickly.” We say… so do their daddy’s! Pass them along to the next “kid” to enjoy!
  4. Special Occasion & “Dressy” Clothing: Boutique clothing is huge at consignment sales – higher quality items last and last, plus they usually don’t see the sandbox or mud puddles too often.
  5. Halloween Costumes – These truly do only get one wear per year! Or, you can just pick up a few to add to the dress up box.
  6. Children’s Furniture: I love character beds & custom furniture, but could never afford it as retail. Enter consignment sales. Be cautious when purchasing cribs, though, especially drop-side models which are at the top of recall lists.
  7. Games and Toys: Of course! Just make sure you keep all those pieces together so you can resell without guilt!
  8. Maternity Clothes: These short-lived items are PLENTIFUL at sales. One consigning mom encourages, “Save your money to buy a new wardrobe for yourself after the baby comes.”
  9. Baby Clothes: Even if you want the “best for baby” and have concerns over recycled clothing, there are always tons of NWT (new with tags) items in the baby section!
  10. Musical Instruments: Who knows whether Billy REALLY wants to play the guitar or if he thinks it’ll be as easy as mastering Rock Band. Make a small investment early to see if the interest sticks
  11. Shoes: My child has worn 3 different sizes in the last 6 months, talk about moving through something quickly!
  12. Nursery Bedding: Consignment sales have some beautiful (and complete) bedding sets at much less than retail. My mom once got a Pottery Barn Quilt, sham and sheet set for $25 at a half price sale. We’ve been searching for a match and can’t find it for less than $150 anywhere! (even ebay!)
  13. Cars: Well, maybe not the big kind… but consignment sales are the perfect place to pick up Cozy Coupes or Power Wheels Toys. These big ticket items go fast, so volunteer at your favorite sale and shop early to get first dibs.
  14. Breast Pumps: The pump is the expensive part and the “other parts” are what you really don’t want to share. Save yourself the $200-300 cost in a pump and buy it used. Then, pick up new hoses, shields and bottles to avoid the “ewww” factor.
  15. Strollers: High end strollers last and last. Instead of settling on a cheaper / poorly made model, buy a high-quality, name-brand stroller for a fraction of the cost and you’ll love the bells & whistles.
  16. Baby Swings, Bouncers and Bumbos – Babies use these items for an average of 6-9 months so these are usually in great condition.
  17. Fall & Spring Coats – The seasons are so short that soon enough they will need a heavier coat or none at all, so they get very little use!
  18. A Selection of Sippy Cups or Bottles – One consigning mommy bought a few brands of super cheap sippy cups to figure out which one her picky baby would like. No need to pay full price just to “try it out!”
  19. Swing Sets & Outdoor Play Equipment – The good stuff is made to last and can be repurposed in any yard. Consult a handyman service to help beef up swing sets or playhouses that need some TLC and they’ll be good as new!
  20. Bikes, Scooters, Outdoor Ride-on Toys – One mom says “I’ve bought brand new and they are chipped, dented, and beat up looking after a week or two. Buy a used one in good condition and save at least half the price.”
  21. Collectors Items & Name Brand Toys – If you are a savvy shopper and know the brands, you can get some incredible deals on name-brands toys like American Girl Dolls or Melissa & Doug.

This article was inspired by the US News article: 21 Things You Should Never Buy New 

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