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GUEST BLOG: Benefits Beyond the Bucks

by Christina Ruhlig, owner of the Just Between Friends North Tampa

Having been raised to shop for bargains, consigning has always been natural for me.  My mom was an avid shopper and seller at local consignment stores and she no doubt passed the bug on to me.In addition to passing on a fervor for all things frugal, my mother also passed on a trait that I adore and am hoping to pass on to my children as well.  It’s this amazing little thing called love.

Now, I’m not talking about an “I love chocolate,” sort of love (although one cannot deny the deliciousness of its’ melt-away sweetness), or even an “I would do anything for my children,” sort of love.  I’m talking about a “love your neighbor,” kind of love – the kind of love that looks to help people you don’t know without reason or explanation and without any expectation of repayment or thanks.

Consignment helps me love!

No, I’m not crazy (well, maybe a little bit crazy).  Consignment events are a huge opportunity that anyone in any financial situation can use to help benefit others.  It’s true, and I can prove it!

Selling Consignment Benefits Others

Right now, there are hundreds of families in your community that are struggling to provide needed items for their families.  Most of them are middleclass and stuck between making too little to provide and yet too much to get assistance.  Consignment events allow these families to purchase clothing, toys, equipment, books, entertainment and more for their families.  Numerous times I have witnessed the blessing of a mom able to provide what she otherwise could not for her children thanks to the community of moms around her who were willing to participate in local consignment events.

Purchasing Consignment Benefits Others

If you have participated in a local event as a consignor before, this fact needs no explination!  Every item that you sold benefited your family.  Likewise, every item that you purchase is benefiting someone else in your community!  Choosing to purchase gently used is a choice to help a neighbor keep their electric on, buy food for their family, pay medical bills or save up money for a vacation and some much treasured memories with their family.  And to think that you helped make that happen!

The majority of consignment events work in conjunction with one or more local charities.  Through these partnerships, consignors are able to donate unsold items.

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