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GUEST BLOG: 10 Tips to Help Secure Your Items

The best advice for consigning and shopping comes from the savvy mommies who have been consigning for years and years!

If you are looking for ideas for how to secure / package your items, here’s the “mommy-load!”  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this list of tips & ideas from Lauri with Kidzsignments Children’s Consignment Sale.

1. Secure Your Tags

Place a piece of packing tape over top of your safety pin making it difficult to remove the tag from your item. This will also help prevent the tag from tearing free of the safety pin.

2. Use a Tagging Gun Instead of Safety Pins

Use a tagging gun to attach tags to clothing items, coats, costumes, blankets etc. For extra security, “double barb” each tag in case one tears off the tag.

3. Attach Accessories Securely

Place pieces, accessories and extra parts inside a plastic bag (secure opening closed with packing tape) and firmly attach to your item. Make a note on the tag that the item comes with a bag of accessories.

4. Keep Puzzles Together

Use plastic wrap (Saranwrap™) to keep puzzles pieces in order. Secure and tighten plastic wrap with clear packing tape to keep pieces intact on the puzzle base.

5. Secure Clothing to the Hanger

Pin clothing to the hanger to make it difficult for someone to remove before purchasing. This will also help keep clothing from falling off the hanger.

6. Mark Your Items With Your Seller #

Include your seller number and the items selling price in a place separate from the tag. This will help if the tag falls off or there is a question about the price of the item.

7. Keep Sets Together

Use small zip ties to secure 2 hangers together instead of using rubber bands. This will prevent a volunteer or shopper from inadvertently separating the two pieces that should be sold as one. Zip ties can also secure items with multiple pieces. Make a note on the tag of how many items are included. These zip ties can be found in most dollar stores.

8. Make Your Tags Stand Out

Keep items from being at check out. This can be done by using brightly colored index cards (or cardstock), cutting out tags with fancy (scrapbooking) scissors, or placing your tag in very conspicuous place on your item.

9. Secure Pants on the Hanger

Use a piece of duct or painters tape on the wire hanger to prevent pants from sliding. Create a small tab, using tape, over the shoulder piece of the hanger. When hanging the pants, pin through the tape and hanger and then pant.

10. Prevent Shoes from Separating

Sell shoes in quart or gallon plastic bags. Use packing tape to close the bag and tighten to keep shoes together. These bags can be found at most dollar stores.

Kidzsignments has been serving Central NJ since 2005. What began with only 30 consignors now serves over 300 and offers over 30,000 quality children’s items for sale each season. With locations Flemington and Edison there is plenty of opportunties for sellers to cash in on the things their children have outgrown and a great opportunity for shoppers to snatch up tons of great bargains on everything from infant to teen and all the ages in between.


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