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TREND ALERT: Cloth Diapers Buying Tips

Consignment Mommies across America are using cloth diapers on their little ones. It’s a budget and environment-friendly option for families. In one year, a family will spend over $800 on disposable diapers for one child or around $584 in cloth diapers for that same time. The difference in savings grows in year two, since cloth diapers can be washed and reused numerous times. In addition, disposable diapers take years to break down in landfills, 250 to 500 years, according to some experts. Here’s some information on cloth diapers shared by moms just like you.

Q. Why did you decide on cloth diapers?

A. I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers since I was around 8. My mom had an at home daycare and I remember using so much diaper rash cream on the ones with plastic diapers and marveled at the cloth diaper babies never having the diaper burns (as my mother called it). So I always knew I would try and go with cloth diapers. I was pleased to find new diaper covers they help a lot. They eliminated the possibility of sticking baby and yourself, as well as making it possible to go to the store without having to wash the car seat cover when you got home. – JulieAnna Lyons, Wellington, AL

Q. How many cloth diapers should a new mom plan to have?

The recommended minimum number of cloth diapers per child is one dozen. 18 diapers is a great goal, because it will allow you to have enough diapers to have plenty and wash diapers every other day. – Rebekah McGee, Jacksonville, AL

Q. How many types of cloth diapers are there and what styles are the most popular?

  • 1. Prefolds – These are the old school cotton diapers that a lot of people use for burp clothes. They have to be folded a certain way and either pinned or “Snappi’d” (www.snappibaby.com). Then you use a diaper cover with them, which long ago would have been traditional “rubber pants”. Now there are all sorts of fancy covers, including wool covers for heavy wetters.
  • 2. All in ones – I have some of these. These diapers function the closest to a disposable diaper. The microfiber inserts are sewn into the diaper and it either snaps or velcros. Once the baby wets or poops, the diaper is done and goes into the diaper pail. I like these for over nights only because otherwise you don’t get much use out of them.
  • 3. Pocket diapers – I have some of these as well. This diaper shell has an internal pocket that you place a microfiber insert into. The lining of the diaper is made of special material that wicks moisture away from the baby’s skin and onto the insert. SO, if the baby wets, you can just take the insert out and put a new one in. You can do that up to about 3 times before you need to toss the shell into the diaper pail. Or, of course, if the baby poops!
  • 4. All-in-two diapers – I have the most of these and they are my favorites. My Gro-via diapers are all all-in-twos. These have a shell that you snap your inserts into. Unlike a pocket diaper, the insert is directly against the baby’s skin. When the baby wets or poops, you just pop out the insert and pop a new one in. I think these are the easiest to use. Sometimes you don’t even have to change the shell after a poop if the poop stays contained on the liner.

– Misty Grubbs, Orlando, FL

Q. What do you recommend for beginners?

I would suggest that they get some covers because they are the most versatile. Inside the covers you can use pre folds, inserts and you can even find biodegradable inserts that you can throw in the toilet and flush. You can also function for quite a few days with just three or four covers but have tons of inserts. If a child has just urinated you can wipe down the cover, leave it to air dry while using a second cover and alternate between them. Covers only need a really good washing if fecal matter has made it past the inserts to the cover. – Alison Woodward, Jacksonville, AL

Q. What about buying and selling cloth diapers at consignment sales?

Buying gently used cloth diapers and diaper covers at consignment sales is a savvy way to stretch your family’s budget. Most moms recommend pricing at least 20% off retail on cloth diapers. The price would decrease based on the wear, tear and quality of the diapers.

Q. Do you need specific supplies to use cloth diapers?

Diapers, wet bags to hold used diapers until laundry day, a diaper sprayer. Those are the basic needs, but like with everything else, there are tons of extras, including liners. Check your diaper cream. Not all diaper creams are cloth safe. Coconut oil is a safe diaper ointment for anyone using cloth diapers. Tide detergent is safe for cloth but not all other detergents are. Check your manufacturer’s box to see if that detergent is safe for cloth diapers. – Alison Woodward, Jacksonville, AL
There is a lot more information out in the world on cloth diapers. Here are a few website to help get you started.




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