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How to Save Money on Laundry

Make your kids’ clothes last longer to sell at consignment sales without going broke! There’s no need for fancy laundry products or spending hours doing laundry. I share my best tricks to extend the life of your kid’s clothes while saving money in the laundry room. Below are 5 changes that will help you save money and keep clothes looking like new.

Run full loads only

Reduce your electricity bill by picking one day and doing laundry back-to-back. It will take less energy to heat the drier since you’ve already used it. Note, that if you have a septic tank you shouldn’t do laundry back-to-back, as your system needs to flush through. Using baking soda is also a no-no as it eats away at the tank. Make sure you familiarize yourself with your machine and choose the right settings to avoid using extra water and electricity.
Don’t wait till laundry day to tackle stains. The secret to beating tough stains is combating them by pre-treating.

Skip the hot water

Not only does piping hot water cause clothes to shrink, but it can also make it fade. (I always turn jeans inside out to wash as it helps maintain the color.) Stains also set in when you use hot water or heat. So whatever you do, DON’T place clothes in the dryer if a stain did not come out, or the stain will live on.

Try homemade laundry products

Use common household products to make homemade soap and remove tough stains for a fraction of the cost. Learn to combat stains with our stain removal guide. Natural cleaners to include in your arsenal include baking soda to whiten, borax to remove stains and vinegar to keep clothes smelling fresh. These products are also eco-friendly and safe to use on kids’ clothes!
If you decide to purchase laundry soap, don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions. I know, it seems counterintuitive, but you really don’t need that much soap to clean clothes. You’ll find that the amount of soap you need is often less than directed.

Ditch the dryer

Use a clothesline to save money on your utility bills and avoid frying clothes you want to consign. Don’t have room outside? No problem. Hang your kid’s clothes indoors on drying racks or on the shower rod. Make sure you flat dry sweaters to avoid pesky hanger marks and stretching the garment.

Wear it more than once

Though kids tend to get dirty, they are less sweaty and stinky than adults – that’s good news! Because the most effective way to save money on laundry is to do less of it by wearing clothes more than once. I know some of you may be thinking yuck, but hear me out. There really is no need to wash jackets and sweaters every time your kids wear them. Washing clothes less often cuts down on laundry expenses and it extends the life of your kids’ clothes.

I’ve given you the dirt on how to save money in the laundry room, now it’s your turn. What tricks do you use to save money when doing laundry? How do you keep your kids’ clothes looking like new to sell at consignment sales?

Yazmin Cruz is a staff writer for the money and coupon blog, BargainBabe.com.

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