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Chrissy Confessions… I Really Love Small Sales

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love going to a big warehouse sale and finding everything I need for my kiddos.  And across the country, there are some AMAZING “Mega Sales” where you can get an entire season’s wardrobe in one trip.   For those of you in those “Mega Sale” markets: I AM JEALOUS!

The reality for many areas (um… Greensboro, NC) is that there just aren’t a ton of “large sales.”  Or, in some markets, the mega sales are so “recycled” with the same group of consignors that the same items seem to get re-sold time after time.

I’ve often heard people say, “That’s a small sale, I’m not going to try it.”  But I have to tell you, if you hit the right sale and they have the right consignors, you can definitely rack up.  I went to a “small” church sale here in town and fell in love with consignor #42!  I stocked up on some AMAZING 2T Gymboree goods that I absolutely loved – I probably walked away with 15 name-brand items for under $50.  So, in the Chrissy spirit of positivity… I have to say, I actually really enjoy small sales!!!   Why?

1.  Small Sales are Often Non-Profits

I love that I am helping a consignor (by purchasing their goods) and supporting a local church or preschool when I go shopping.

2.  Small Sales Are New Seller Friendly

I often find that a lot of the smaller sales are where people get their “consignment feet wet.”  Some folks are really intimidated by the big sales and don’t know where to start.  BUT, they are happy to participate in their church or school sale.  I often find that those first time sellers usually have STELLAR goods – name brands, boutique items, etc.

3.  Shorter Lines

While not always true, you can usually get in and out of a small sale fairly quickly.  So, go ahead and line up 3-4 sales for a Saturday.  You’ll still save WAY more time and money than you would hopping from Target, Carters, Gymboree & Gap!

4.  Sometimes you hit the jackpot

Sometimes, you just find a consignor # and you instantly realize you are a consignment sale match made in heaven.  Yes, it is the luck of the draw, but it is sooo rewarding when you hit a good stash!

Anyone else a small sale fan out there?  


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