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Educational Toy Deals: Best Buys from Kids Consignment Sales

Some of my absolute favorite “must haves” at consignment sales are educational toys and learning materials. Consignment sales are an excellent opportunity to pick up more expensive items and brands that you wouldn’t normally purchase at “standard” retail prices. Many of the pricier educational brands will last for years and years — making them excellent resale items. Buy now, resell later!

LeapFrog / LeapPad

These trendy educational brands come out with a new system every year or so. The result? Older versions are plentiful at consignment sales and work FABULOUSLY. Another plus? Most sellers know that “sets sell best” which means you can score the system, cartridges/books and carrying case in one purchase. I’ve scored an awesome LeapFrog book system for $20 with 5-6 stories. Separately, this set would have been about $150!

CD’s & DVD’s

My best find? Six Baby Einstein DVD’s for $5. Retail value? $120.

Building Toys

Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, HABA blocks and Legos will last through child after child and provide HOURS of creative play. These toys get scooped up early, so consider volunteering to receive early admission to the presale. Don’t be afraid to purchase grab bags or mismatched sets of these building toys. You’ll be amazed at the creative potential a giant tub of building blocks can provide for your child.

Little People

One of the most popular resale brands are Little People. These tiny little plastic gems will hold their value for years and years and are a must in any toddler’s creative play kit.


From Melissa & Doug costume sets to Halloween costumes, you can scoop up some awesome finds for your dress-up box and provide your children with a world of imaginative play.


I’m my opinion, kids can never have enough books! Plus, after a few reads, you can resell them next year.


Wooden puzzles hold up beautifully from child to child, especially Melissa & Doug. For cardboard & large puzzles, we suggest that consignors assemble, photograph and then package to provide sellers with “piece” of mind (pun intended).

Do you have any other “education” items you like to purchase on consignment?

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