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Pre-Gaming Consignment Sales – 7 Simple Steps to Get Done NOW!

Southern folks are snowed in, wives of college football junkies are tired of watching all these crazy bowl games and if you are like me, you are DREAMING of warmer weather, cute spring clothes and SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING!  So what’s a Consignment Mommy to do?  Here’s a list of 7 simple things you should be doing NOW to get ready for “the season.”

1.  Register to consign!

As sales become more and more popular, high percentage and high traffic sales are filling up consignor spots FAST!  Sign up early to avoid getting locked out!

2.  Sign up to volunteer

The TRUE secret to getting the good stuff at most sales is getting in on the “early days.”  Most sales offer early volunteer shifts, whether you consign or not.  Make sure to sign up now to get the VERY best volunteer spot for your schedule!

3.  Start Collecting “The Goods”

The easiest approach is to place a storage container under your bed or the kiddos.  Toss in too small clothes and/or outgrown toys and you’ll have everything in one place when it is time to start tagging!

4.  Buy a tagging gun

You’ll save yourself (and your thumbs) from the pain of tiny safety pins and make your items less susceptible to theft or “tag switching.”  Here’s a link to Amazon with tons of tagging gun options… just be sure to buy from a reputable seller 🙂

5.  Create a Tagging Kit

The basics: tagging gun, barbs, clear packing tape, card stock, ziploc bags and zip ties.  Get these items together now and you’ll be ready to tag without hunting it all down! A few favorite items / helpful tips:

  • For large toys or games with multiple parts, the Dollar Tree has HUGE ziploc bags in 2 & 3 packs.
  • Make sure to have enough tagging barbs.  Many sales suggest double-barbing to prevent theft on higher end items or desirable sizes.
  • HANGERS:  Start collecting these now to avoid a mad scramble.  Ask at Walmart, Target or your Dry Cleaners for now.  In a pinch, look on your local FreeCycle or Craigslist.

6.  Size Up the Kiddos

Facebook Fans, you know how much I’m in love with SizeTracker.  At this brilliant site, you can better predict your kiddos sizes for the next couple of seasons by entering current age, weight and height.  The website will generate a size prediction for a series of brands… and it’s free!  Sheer brilliance!

7.  Create Your Shopping Guide

Being prepared with sizes and “wants / needs” will help you at the sale, especially when it comes time to filter!

My FAVORITE approach:

  • Step 1: Trace your kiddos foot on a piece of card stock and cut it out.
  • Step 2: Tie a string to the foot template and then cut it to match their leg length (hip to floor).  You can also tie a knot along the string to measure arm length if you want to have that as a reference.
  • Step 3:  Jot down some notes on your NEEDS for the spring / summer on one side and your WANTS on the other  (i.e: Easter Outfit, Khaki Shorts, etc).


Anyone else out there have some tips on getting ahead of the game NOW?

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