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Tagging Services – How to Start Your Own

What’s the number one reason that mommies don’t consign?  They don’t have time to tag their items!

While some mommies have this consignment selling thing down to a science, there are others that don’t know a tagging gun from a barcode scanner.  If you are a veteran consignor and you want to make a little extra cash this spring, you can start your own tagging service!  You’ll capitalize on a HUGE market of mamas who just donate their clothes or hoard them in the attic!!  Below are some ideas to consider when setting up your tagging service:

Ways to Structure Your Tagging Service

Informal – Simply offer your services to friends, especially those working mommies or those friends who keep saying “I’ll try that next season.”  Create a separate consignor account for them and then offer to split the proceeds with them.  They’ll be thrilled to make SOME money on their items (instead of just donating) and you’ll get a little extra cash yourself!  

As a Sale Affiliate – Many sale owners would WELCOME someone to manage a tagging service for them.  If your favorite sale isn’t already offering Tagging or VIP services, contact the sale owner and offer up your services!

Make It a Business – Another option is to start your own “full-blown” business and offer your services for multiple sales.

How to Price the Deal

Percent of Sales – Split the proceeds of the sale 50/50 with your “customers.”  So, if the profits from your sale are 60%, then you each take 30%.  If you are bringing in tons of merchandise and NEW consignors, you may be able to negotiate a special consignor rate with your sale owner.  The down-side to this scenario is that you don’t profit from unsold items.

By Item – Some tagging services simply charge a by item fee for tagging.  This protects you against items that don’t sell, but may not allow you to benefit from tagging large items, etc.

By Item / Percent Combo – In this setup, you charge smaller by-item fees AND receive a small percentage of sales.  This makes sure you still make money even if the items don’t sell and gives you opportunity to profit from bigger ticket items as well.  A great sample “setup” would be a $1 / item tagging fee.  Then, you can offer 50% of the sale to the “item owner” and then you can take the remaining 10-30% yourself (depending on your sale’s consignor split).

Other Considerations / Pricing Details

Supplies – Make sure to consider the costs of cardstock, tagging guns, barbs, packing materials, hangers and tape in your pricing.  Will you charge more for large items?  Is there a packaging fee for toys with pieces & parts?

Storage – Will your home accommodate all of these items?  Do you have a good setup for tagging, printing and processing?  Can you keep multiple consignor’s items clearly separate?

Pickup / Delivery – Will you pickup people’s items at their homes? Is there a fee?  Can you get a special drop-off time at your favorite sale? Will your car accommodate all of the goods?

Minimums / Maximums – Will you require a minimum number of items per consignor? Is that in line with your sale?

Battery Fees – some services will add batteries (which is required at most sales) and charge a small fee.

Working with Your Sale – The last thing you want to do is alienate yourself or your services from sales & sale owners.  Make sure to communicate what you are doing with your chosen sale(s) and see how you can work together.  If your sale is already doing a stellar job with a tagging service, don’t step on toes and try to compete.  Ask how / if you can get involved and help!


How to Market Your Services

Create a Facebook Page –  Start a Fan page and explain your services – it’s cheaper than a website and a great way to communicate what you are doing.

Cross Promote with Your Favorite Sale – Your tagging service is a WIN-WIN for the sale.  You make money and they get more inventory.  Ask your sale owner how you can work together to help promote each other!

Host a Spring Cleaning Party – Gather up some friends and tell them you’ll have the wine & snacks and they just need to bring all that extra junk they want to get rid of.   It’s a fun twist and a great way to get a group involved and engaged.

Partner with a Non-Profit – Partner with a local preschool or church and do a for-profit clothing drive.  They collect toys & clothes from their families and you then filter, tag and sell.  The school / church gets half the proceeds and you get the rest.  It’s a great fundraiser for them without a ton of work, the need for space, etc.

Go Crazy – Stalk the Goodwill.  Just kidding… well, maybe.  I’ve actually heard of a few consignors who stalk Goodwill drop-offs for moms and offer up their services.  It’s way bold.. but you get the drift.  BE CREATIVE and find ways to reach those folks who simply discard their items. Talk it up in playgroup, compliment Sally Sue on her precious duds and how you’d love to find more like that,

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