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10 New Years Resolutions & Consignment Sales

1. Save Money

Well, duh! Consignment sales are a great way to save money on kids toys and clothes. With a savings of up to 30-80% off retail, shopping consignment is a no-brainer!

2. Make Money

If you haven’t already taken the seller plunge, this is the time of year to commit! Most moms make between $200-300 EACH SEASON with consignment sales, and some boast over $1,000 each time. (To become a Power Seller, here are tips)

3. Go Green

Did you know that the average American throws away 68 pounds of clothing a year? Wowsers! Do you part by keeping those items out of the landfills by passing along your goods to the next family.

4. Help a Friend

Some of you are already consignment sale evangelists – spreading the word of savings and money-making. This year, go a step further. If you have a friend who just isn’t into the consignment gig, offer to tag & sell her items for her. Share the profits and you’ll both benefit!

5. Start Your Own Business

There’s two great options here:

  1. Start your Own Sale. If that strikes your fancy, here are some Start Your Own Consignment Sale resources to get you started. It’s not right for everyone, but if you have the business & marketing prowess, you might just have what it takes!
  2. Start a Tagging Business. Many sales simply don’t have the man-power to offer tagging services, but you can offer this value-added program to your favorite sale. They’ll help you with marketing and you’ll get to use your consignment prowess!

6. Clean House / Get Organized

Don’t put this off until spring sales are here – start getting organized NOW. My favorite tips:

  1. Put a bin under each kiddos bed and start throwing in the too-small clothes and often-neglected toys. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to start tagging.
  2. Create a tagging kit (with tagging gun, card stock, safety pins, clear packaging tape) and don’t fumble around for these supplies when its time to tag.

7. Lose Weight

OK, so this one is a stretch… but here are some ways to get your consignment fix and help your weight loss goals.

  1. Offer to distribute fliers on cars at a local family event. That’ll work up a sweat!
  2.  Offer to help distribute sale signs – all that in and out of the car will help you burn some calories.
  3. Volunteer on the floor at your local sale, especially in the big toys area. You’ll be running around chasing little kiddos and sweating like a champ!

8. Teach My Children to Be Less Materialistic

Get the kids involved in the consignment sale process and help them understand the importance of not hoarding up all of their toys and clothes.

9. Meet New Friends

There is an AMAZING community of women in consignment sales. Volunteer with your local sale and you’ll meet a lot of women just like you!

10. Do More Charity Work

More and more, schools, churches and charities are jumping on the consignment sale band-wagon. Offer to help start a sale at your children’s school or at your church. It’s an excellent fundraiser and a great way to meet new folks. Just don’t take it on by yourself – assemble a team of mommies to chair the event and help you out!

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