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10 Commandments for Preview Sale Shopping

You’ve volunteered, consigned or won a preview sale shopping pass.  It’s finally time to shop at your favorite sale’s preview event.  Here are 10 tips to make it the best time ever:

#1 – Make a shopping list

(Use ours here as a start!) Prioritize essentials for each child, as well as second and third-round picks.

#2 – Wear the right gear

If there was ever a time to break out the yoga pants and running shoes, preview sales are it!  Easy movement and comfort is a must.  #nojudginghere

#3 – Bring a smart phone.

Use apps like Amazon, Ebay and your favorite recall/product safety source to check reviews, pricing and safety features for those big ticket items.

#4 – Choose your tote wisely

Take something easy to move that won’t block the aisles.  Large, clean trash cans on wheels, laundry baskets with a rope or leash for pulling or even IKEA bags are common choices.

#5 – Hire a babysitter

We all love our kiddos, but make other arrangements for them when possible.  You’ll save time, effort and money during a preview sale.  Have your babysitter’s # on speed dial.  It’s the best way to check on the kids or send quick shots of those “Will they/won’t they” items.

#6 – Set a realistic budget

Know the total amount you can spend.  Keep your budget in mind for individual pieces.  Are you willing to spend $10 on a dress, but only $4 on jeans?  Put it in writing, then stick to it.

#7 – Bring cash

If the line gets slow, sales may open a cash-only line.  You’ll save time in line and resist the temptation to overspend.

# 8 – Snacks can be a girl’s best friend

Stash a bottle of water and protein-rich snack in your purse.  Having something healthy to nosh will boost your energy and keep you going.

#9 – Bring a buddy

From hold each other’s spots in line to giving a second opinion, shopping buddies can double the fun!

#10 – Kindness counts

No matter how overwhelmed you get, being friendly will make every shopping trip better.

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  1. Whitney

    When will I know the number to tag my clothes.

    May 18, 2016 at 11:57 am Reply

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