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10 Consignment Sale Secrets You Should Know

It’s no secret that we are a little consignment sale obsessed around here.  And to let you in on the “ways of the Consignment Mommies,” we have put together a list of how you can ROCK OUT with kids’ consignment sales each season.   If you are new to sale world, you may not know these little tips & tricks to getting in earlier and getting the very best deals! 

1. Volunteers & Consignors Shop First – It’s a perk for doing the work.

The big secret: the more you work, the earlier you shop.  Every sale is different, so check their websites!

2. Not ready to consign it all? Wondering if you need items for the next baby?  Sell the minimum!

You’d be surprised how many clothing items or baby gear pieces you simply didn’t use or don’t love.  Don’t let them take up space… sell a few items so you can get in early! 

3. Discount Days Mean Extra Savings on Top of Already Cheap Prices

Toward the end of the sale,you’ll probably find items marked down 50%.  Consignors set their own prices and decide if they want to discount their items.  Don’t forget to ask if they do a charity Dollar Dash with donated items after the sale.  It’s a trend that’s becoming popular in some areas.

4. New Moms, First Responders and Military Can Shop Early at some sale locations.

Check to see if they have any special preview sales.  It may be during the last couple of hours of the consignor/volunteer sale or an hour before they open the doors on the first public day.  

5. Shopping Lists are Basically Required

When you’ve got just 3-4 days to shop at a kids sale, there’s no time to forget mittens, snow bibs, rain coats or a dressy Easter outfit.  In my book, you’ve got to go with a list!

6. Book Deals are Crazy Good

Confession: I’m a book hoarder. Lucky for me, books at consignment sales are super cheap and are easy to resell.  Stock up, resell ‘em and keep the literary love rolling!

7. Shopping Kid-Free is uh-mazing

I’ve tackled kids consignment sales with my wee ones under foot.  And while it is totally doable, it’s 7,000 times easier, better and more productive when you aren’t negotiating with tiny humans for snacks, toy deals and such.

8. Cash can be your best friend

You can expect to wait a few minutes to check out, but it could be a waaay longer wait on busy days.  Some sales will open cash-only check-out lines to speed things along, but it’s faster to pay with cash at any register.   Bonus:  It’s much easier to stay on budget.

9. Take something with you to hold your haul.

Whether it’s an IKEA bag or a laundry basket, you want your arms free to shop.  They may have something you can use, but it’s better to be prepared.

10. Check a size or two higher than the size you’re buying

You may find cute stuff that says 8 on the label, but looks more like a 6X because it shrank.  Don’t forget to pick up a pair of pants for UGS (Unexpected Growth Spurt) emergencies.

And … because we are overachievers, here’s bonus tip #11!

It never hurts to think ahead.   We have a backyard pool, so I check other sizes to keep on-hand for company.  I also stock up on bargain shorts and tees for camp and church trips.  If an outfit doesn’t make it home, it’s not a big loss.  Got a Disney trip in mind for Thanksgiving?  You’d be surprised how many Disney-themed items your sale will have in the spring.

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  1. Tanya Clouse

    I just love the consignment sales. Such good clothes and many many other kid items. It’s just amazing.

    January 22, 2019 at 12:24 pm Reply

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