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National Top 10 Best Consignment Sale: Urban Kids Consignment Event

High standards and organization have taken Heather Conrad and Urban Kids Consignment Event a long way! Check out what she had to share with us about her sale and see why in 2017 they were chosen as one of your National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales!

Their sale kicks off next week in Southern CA. You can find them in Huntington Beach starting Thur. October 11th, 2018.

Don’t miss your chance to shop and save 50-90% off retail on over 40,000 items from 300+ families!

What is something interesting about how you got started?

I have always shopped my local consignment events. I got an email from one the smaller ones saying that they were selling their equipment. I remember that day so vividly. You know that feeling when you are not thinking but react on your gut? I just knew that Urban Kids was intended to me mine. I knew that this little business could take care of me and my children. I then emailed and asked if I could buy it all. I knew I can make Urban Kids awesome! With discussions a few weeks later I was setting up my first event. That first event was May 2013. I was just meant to be.

Care to share some tips?

For both Consignors and Shoppers the key word is EARLY.

  • Consignors: Register early. Start organizing and prepping early. You will be happy you did as you will make more money. Get started now.
  • Shoppers: Shop early. Get in the event on the first possible time/day. Be a consignor. It only takes 30 items! Then you shop on the 1st day. Volunteer and you get in even earlier. Remember you do not have to be a consignor to volunteer. Bartering just 3 hours gives you 2 Private PreSale Passes. If you can not work or do not have items to sell then buy a Public PreSale Ticket. Let’s say you are shopping for a double BOB. Urban Kids may have 6 of them. All 6 of them will be priced individually from different consignors. One consignor may price theirs 30% of retail, and the others may be at 50% of retail. You know the lower priced one is going to go fast… you want to be the first in the door to grab it. So shop early!

What is the BEST thing about your sale?

I am all about high standards and organization. I want Urban Kids to be a place I would want to shop from. I personally want may shoppers to be able to compare prices from like items. I love that we have the best consignors that bring in incredible inventory at amazingly low prices. I also think our volunteers are awesome. They have a vested interest, and work hard to organize our inventory. I feel our event looks like a beautiful year round store. It is quite amazing when you think about it. It is just 3 hours to set up, to 18 hours of dropping off 35,000 plus items from 300 families. Then just a bit of clean up in 4 hours. And open for business!

I am incredible humbled by Urban Kids and other events just like it. I am in awe watching all our mamas coming together to create this huge event happen. It is happening all over the country as well. Being a part of women helping women is a remarkable feeling.” – Heather

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  1. Cyndi Casum

    Love this consignment , I have a family childcare home, and love to restock toys for my little ones . There is a huge selection of toys and other items that I use for my business

    January 19, 2019 at 12:50 am Reply

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