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National Top 10 Sale: KidSense

Pennsylvania friends, don’t miss your chance to check out KidSense Friday 9/22/17 through Saturday 9/23/17. Most items marked 50% off on Saturday from 2pm – 5pm!

In 2016, KidSense was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales.  Recently, Sara shared their story for you!

How did you get started?

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“Holding consignors sleeping baby during drop off – best job ever.” -Sara

I first became aware of consignment events roughly ten years ago when I was a stay at home mom with four kids ages five and under and a $100 back to school budget.  I was stressed and a bit panicked over our family budget until a friend invited me to use one of her early admission passes for a local consignment sale event.  I was instantly hooked.  The model of selling to fund the next age and stage while saving significantly over retail was extremely enticing to this mama on a strict budget.  Additionally, I enjoyed being a part of the community of parents helping each other and the planet via reusing and reducing material items. After a few years of shopping and consigning I learned my favorite sale would be closing.  The owners of that sale encouraged me to follow my passion and thus KidSense Consignment Events was formed.  I like to say that KidSense isn’t too small and we aren’t too big – we have mastered the “just right” middle!

What’s your very best shopping tip?

Make sure to sign up for sale mailing lists. You will always be in the know and you might even get some special offers.

What’s your best tip for consignors?

Tag early and often, you will earn more and you will feel less stressed.

What is something you are most proud of?

PA, Pottstown, KidSense, Kids, Baby, ConsignmentKidSense is so much more than “just a kids sale”.  We have built a strong base of individuals that come together twice a year to build the community and to encourage each other.  Everyone from our consignors, to our shoppers, to our donation recipients have helped to write the KidSense story thus far.  Each chapter contains tails of human compassion, random acts of kindness, support, and hope.  Through the strengths of many we have built relationships though endeavors that benefit many families.   We are changing our corner of the world through our sales events where the contributions of many add up to something pretty great helping the community as a whole.

Reviews + Historic Comments

  1. Christy

    Kidsense. Wow where do I start. I have been shopping at Kidsense for 9 sales now. Each and every time, somehow, it gets better. The moment I walk it I feel welcome. It’s a big space and it’s full but it’s not cramped. There’s plenty of room to walk around and up and down isles. There’s not to much stuff that I feel overwhelmed but still plenty of stuff that I have lots of choices. It’s clean. The items are in great shape and clean. I always find what I am looking for each season. My daughter loves to shop here because she knows I am going to get her what she wants, because it’s priced right and I can afford it. I stocked up on over 25 great books again this year for under our Christmas tree. Wrapping them all and the unwrapping one every night. It will be our 4th year we have been able to do this because of Kidsense. Let me tell you how easy bed time is in December!! I LOVE that this year they started their Giving Tree. My little lady picked out an apple with a child’s name on it and an item they needed. We walked around and found the perfect item for the baby and purchased it. So easy to be able to give directly those local to our area in need.
    I haven’t even started to talk about the staff!!! Oh my all smiles and willing to hold my large items aside while I shop. They take my heavy bags and give me a new one(which makes it easy to buy more!😉). The check out line went much faster then I thought it would. They kept it organized and flowing. The people working there were smiling and getting along while doing their jobs which shows how much they really love what they do. I have met the owner and I love her spirit. She makes me want to do more for people. Thank you Sara for hosting this event and changing all the lives that you have. I thank you and so do all my friends I have told about the sale. Oh yes my friends…I love seeing them there. I see so many of them. Mamas shopping along side of me is so wonderful! Sharing my deals. (Be sure to shop your size on to the right of your friend! Lol).

    October 1, 2018 at 9:58 pm Reply

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