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Common resale abbreviations for use at kids consignment sale, on Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade Groups and much more. Ever wondered what NWT, NIP, EUC, TCP, etc mean? We’ve put together a quick and helpful guide to help you navigate those resale acronyms.

Finding the sweet spot between pricing your items to sell and selling them to be profitable can be tricky.  But here’s the deal: pricing is EVERYTHING in consignment sale world and you’ll want to be on your A-game!  Great pricing is often the difference between a 90% sell-through or in picking up a huge stack… More Info

Gail Walker and Beth Pendola started the Kids EveryWear sale in 1998. In 2015, their sale was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’s National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales.  Recently, they shared their story for our readers. What made you decide to start your sale? Gail and I started the sale as a way to… More Info

Every season, our sale ends up with at least one lost tag that is missing it’s mate.  It usually has “outfit” or “pants” as a one-word description.  Here are four things every tag should have on it. #1 – Brand name For most toys and baby gear and all clothing and shoes, write the brand… More Info

When you are shopping HUNDREDS of items all in your kiddo’s size, the chances of finding an armful of clothing is pretty high.  The chances of getting exhausted toting around all those hangers?  DOUBLE HIGH!   Consignment sale pros have developed some PRETTY clever ways to totes their treasures around and here are some of… More Info

How many times have you prepped and tagged your items only to have some of them returned to you?  Here are five reasons sales say, “No thanks,” to clothes. Stray threads, pulled seams and loose hems:   In the pie chart of fabric problems, this group is the easiest and cheapest to fix.  These are… More Info

You’ve volunteered, consigned or won a preview sale shopping pass.  It’s finally time to shop at your favorite sale’s preview event.  Here are 10 tips to make it the best time ever: #1 – Make a shopping list (Use ours here as a start!) Prioritize essentials for each child, as well as second and third-round… More Info

As frugal mamas, we all want to minimize our tagging costs and maximize our profits, right???  Last week, I spent the morning comparing cardstock prices around town (Greensboro, NC). Tip #1 Know Your Paper Weights Standard Cardstock65lb weight – slightly thinner, but sturdy enough for tags Premium Cardstock – 110lb weight – thicker and a… More Info

In 1991, Kim Mitchell was a typical Southern mama on a tight budget. She went to a small consignment sale in someone’s basement and while she didn’t find anything in her daughter’s size, she did come home with the idea to host a sale of her own. Fast forward twenty-five years and Kim is the… More Info

You’ve heard about consignment sales.  You know you need to get rid of the clothes, toys and baby stuff your kids have outgrown.  You’re ready to dip your toe in the consignment sale pool and have registered to consign. So, what’s next?  Let us walk you through the simple steps for how to consign your… More Info

Guest Post by Sara Dawson, owner of KidSense in Pottstown, PA Not all consignment sale events are the same. Just like regular retail stores, consignment sales come in many forms. There are small, medium and large events. There are discount sales and high-end boutique sales along with everything in between. Make sure not to judge… More Info

Kid’s consignment sale shoppers and consignors from around the United States have weighed in and we are excited to announce our 2015 Best Consignment Sale REGIONAL & NATIONAL Winners!   2016 National Top 10 Consignment Sales All 4 Kids – Woodstock, GA Be Green Kids Consignments – Dutchess Just Between Friends – Western Mainline Just… More Info

Ah, the sweet holiday season is upon us! And while I LOOOOVEEE the holidays, it also means a VERY sad “consignment-sale-less” season is upon us here in Greensboro, NC. How I envy those of you with holiday and all-seasons sales in your world!!! If you want to know if there are any late season consignment… More Info

In the past, I’ve mentioned five things I’m glad I didn’t consign over the years. Here’s a list of things I’m glad I consigned and why. Baby Equipment: This season, I conquered the storage area under our stairs. I was so glad that I didn’t find baby equipment. I had gotten rid of it at… More Info

Every Consignment Mommy who has a boy (or three) just gave a sympathetic head nod when she saw this title. Consignment sales confirm Renfroe family rule #2: Life’s not fair. There will always be more of an abundance of cute girls’ items at consignment sales and a far smaller selection for boys. Why is that… More Info

My best consignor tip: READ your consignor instructions.  This is especially important if you are consigning for the first time or trying to sell at a new sale.  The biggest section to note:  ACCEPTED ITEMS.  These standards can vary between sales and you certainly don’t want to waste time tagging & prepping an item that… More Info

Has anyone ever asked you what your goals are as a consignor? Whether it’s to sell more than you spend, declutter or to save up for something big, everyone enjoys bringing home a bigger consignor check. Here are five ways to maximize your consignor check with kids consignment sales: #1 – Look out for resale… More Info

Do you remember the story about the cobbler’s children having no shoes because he’s busy making everyone else’s? Time got away from him. I am the modern day consignment sale cobbler. My phone’s calendar already has the dates for the next four Children’s Market sales. There is no excuse for me to never be ready… More Info

Preparing your children’s items for the kids’ consignment sale doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With a little planning & organization, you can turn your casual consigning into some serious cash for your family! I always suggest that moms start here.  Here are a few time-saving tagging tips to make your consignment sale prep easier and… More Info

Every consignment sale has one thing in common. They rely on a team of people to transform an empty space into a sprawling, bustling pop-up event. Whether people are called a volunteers, workers or team members, their jobs are vital. Confession: Sale owners really love most of our volunteers. However, there are some things that… More Info

Want to know what’s up and coming in consignment world? Here are a few trends we are noticing in our growing industry! 1. Mama Likes Designer jeans, pricey handbags and gorgeous evening gowns at 30-50% of their retail price? Mama likes… for sure! Adult, teen & tween consignment sales for ladies (and men, too) are… More Info

A Laundry List of Laundry Tips: 10 household items that can help in the laundry room

Here are 10 household items that can help conquer those tough laundry problems. Always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for fabric care and spot test for colorfastness before treating any fabric. Air-dry any stained fabrics. Dryer heat can permanently set stains. Vinegar Add ½ cup during the rinse cycle to: Soften fabrics without leaving a residue…. More Info

Kid’s consignment sale shoppers and consignors from around the United State have weighed in and we delighted to announce our 2014 Best Consignment Sale REGIONAL & NATIONAL Winners! WINNER NOTE: You will receive an email on or before Monday, January 12 with award GRAPHICS and PRESS RELEASE templates for your publicity use! 2014 National Best… More Info

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some tidbits about consignment sales from the owner/organizer’s point of view. We’ll be explaining a few things that are commonly questioned, debunking a myth or two and sharing with readers why we love what we do. Recently, a sale owner shared her own mission statement for her… More Info

Guest Post by Angela Wynne of BabyCheapskate.com It doesn’t take a novice consignment shopper long to figure out that you can score some fabulous deals on toys at consignment sales. Stocking the playroom with gently used toys from consignment sales is a no-brainer for any budget-conscious parent, but knowing which toys get you the most… More Info

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your consignment shopping experience. 1.  Figure out how to shop before the public. Check the shopping schedule on your sale’s website. volunteers often shop first, followed by consignors, then the public. Some sales offer a special shopping time for new parents, teachers, first… More Info

Guest Post by Julia Scott, BargainBabe.com Little ones love playing dress up year round – not just on Halloween! (Make these 47 Halloween costumes at home.) When the weather gets super cold in the coming months, playing dress up can be a great activity and burn a good amount of energy. Same goes for when… More Info

Paying it Forward: Kindness in Consignment

I just had to share the sweetest message that came through on my Facebook feed.  Check out what one thoughtful, giving and fabulous mom did to help pay it forward: Doesn’t that just make your heart so happy?  I love it!!  Thanks for helping us all smile Just Between Friends Des Moines!

What Pins Are Best? The best safety pins come from dry cleaning supply companies. They’re sold in bulk, 10 gross to a box (1440 pins). If you don’t need that many, split an order with other Consignment Mommies. The company I use personally occasionally has Buy2, Get 1 Free sales on their safety pins. As… More Info

Have you tried on running shoes lately? There are a wide variety of brands, styles and features available for someone who is shopping for athletic shoes these days. You have to try on several pair before you find one that fits all of your needs. Consignment sales can be the same way. There is such… More Info

With a little creative shopping, a few early Saturday mornings and investing some time online, you can boost your consignor check by a few dollars or a few hundred dollars! Moms across the country are discovering the advantages of using Craigslist, meet ups and yard sales to boost their consignment inventory and bring home a… More Info

Do you use Pinterest to help you decide what to do with that pack of chicken breasts? To find the perfect non-candy Valentine’s Day class treat? To help plan your dream laundry room? To make you a better consignor? Wait a minute. How can Pinterest make me a better consignor? It’s simple: Organize, clean, upcycle,… More Info

Sports equipment can be some of the hottest sellers at a consignment sale, especially if they look great, even with a little wear and tear. Here are some tips to clean up at a sale with cleaned up sports gear. 1. Clean as you go Use antibacterial spray on gear, then hang it up to… More Info

Available for the first time in the consignment industry, Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Events is now offering item entry through your smart phone – either by hand or using the voice recognition feature. Using voice recognition consignors can enter items with ease by speaking the details of the specific piece into their phone for translation… More Info

Have you ever found something after the sale that you meant to consign this time? It happens to everyone. Here are ten places you might have forgotten to check when you were gathering your items to tag for the upcoming sale: 1. Dress-Up Box: As fast as kids grow, there may be dress-up shoes, costumes… More Info

Time Crunched? 10 Things to Save for Fall

When spring hits, we have a tendency to want to clean out as much as we can. Many of us get down to crunch time and have to decide what to tag for this season and what to save for fall. Of course, if you can tag it all and be ready, GO FOR IT! … More Info

GUEST BLOG: Local Consignment vs Meet-ups. Why does it matter?

The following is a blog article written by DeAnn Nightingale, Sale Organizer & Founder of Three Bags Full Children’s Consignment Events. This article was originally published on her blog and has been reprinted here with her permission. I was recently involved in a great conversation with a few local moms who had been selling their… More Info

Consignment Sales vs. Meet-Ups

One of the growing trends on Facebook is Meet-Up groups. Someone lists something for sale and others can either claim it outright to purchase or bid on a item. The seller and buyer arrange to meet in a public place and exchange money for the purchased item. It’s a common way to sell furniture, clothing,… More Info

“Grandma and Grandpa Sugar LOVE shopping for our Granddaughters! Now we have three to shop for! While I go through the racks of beautiful clothes, Grandpa shops the shoes, toys and furniture. We make quite a team! The best part is the great quality, selection and excellent organization we have experienced at every sale. We… More Info

Catawampus: [kat-uh-wom-puhs] Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. adjective, sometimes spelled cattywampus 1. askew; awry. 2. positioned diagonally; cater-cornered. consignment adjective 1. the perfect word to describe a clothes hanger with one end sticking up above other hangers while a pair of pants, jeans or shorts are dangling from the other. Catawampus is a fun word… More Info