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Large toys, furniture and baby items are always best sellers at seasonal consignment sales.  Ask any “super consignor” where they make their money and they’ll tell you this is one of their biggest sources!  Here are a few tips & strategies to help you INCREASE your sell-through (and ultimately increase your profit) with large items…. More Info

By Ashley Shaver, Rhea Lana’s Let me introduce myself. I’m Ashley Shaver.  Mother of four.  Lover of wild cowboy boots, garlic cheese grits, and sweet tea.  Owner of Rhea Lana’s Children’s Consignment Events.  Children’s clothing hobbyist. Laundress Extraordinaire. I’ll let you in on “The Dirt”. These are my Top 10 little laundry secrets!  From one mom… More Info

Repeat after me: Consignment Sales are not Garage Sales, Consignment Sales are not Garage Sales…There’s a lot of “misunderstanding” about consignment sales.  Until you’ve been to a really good one, its hard to appreciate the full value in these sales.  If you are one of those trendy moms who is skeptical of the whole consignment… More Info

The best advice for consigning and shopping comes from the savvy mommies who have been consigning for years and years! If you are looking for ideas for how to secure / package your items, here’s the “mommy-load!”  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this list of tips & ideas from Lauri with Kidzsignments Children’s Consignment Sale. 1…. More Info

by Christina Ruhlig, owner of the Just Between Friends North Tampa Having been raised to shop for bargains, consigning has always been natural for me.  My mom was an avid shopper and seller at local consignment stores and she no doubt passed the bug on to me.In addition to passing on a fervor for all… More Info

21 Things You Should Never Buy New – ConsignmentMommies edition

There’s a popular US News article called 21 Things You Should Never Buy New that’s been circulating in the consignment circles.  Sooo, I thought I’d create our own little Consignment Mommies edition.  I enlisted the help of our facebook fans and here is what we came up with: DVDs and CDs: Let’s face it, one… More Info

The best advice for consigning and shopping comes from the savvy mommies who have been consigning for years and years!  So…. we’ve decided to start a “10 Tips” series! I was so excited when the ladies from Best Dressed for Less in South Jersey agreed to be our first “Top 10” writers!  Here are their… More Info

So, its a few months until your favorite sale… what’s a shopaholic to do?  Stock pile some goods so you can make EVEN more money at the next sale.  Here is a list of our favorite “off-season” tips to help you build your inventory for the next sale’s season. Remember the “Rules!”  It’s important to… More Info

Tagging Tips for Seasonal Sale Consignors (For Non-Electronic Tagging)

Ah… consignment season is here.  How do I know?  There’s a pile of clothes on the dining room table and a dozen prick marks on my thumb… oh, tagging season, how I have missed you!?!?!? Let’s face it, the whole shopping part of this consignment sale thing is JOYOUS!  But the preparation and tagging to sell… More Info

Becoming a Consignment Diva: Shopping Part 1 – Pre-Gaming Consignment Sales

2009 So, the hubbies are parked on the couch doing the football thing… what’s your idea of pre-gaming?  Planning fall wardrobes, of course!  Here are a few tips to consider before heading out to consignment sales: 1.  Start with the Basics Duh, yes, this is obvious.  Do you have khakis, jeans, white tops and enough… More Info

Becoming a Consignment Diva – For Consignors

2009 My obsession with consignment sales started on the shopping end… as all good obsessions begin.  But the true secret to consigning success is in becoming a really good consignor!  Here are some helpful ideas to help you get rid of those toys / clothes and make more money! 1.  Presentation is Everything Break out… More Info