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Becoming a Consignment Diva: Shopping Part 1 – Pre-Gaming Consignment Sales

So, the hubbies are parked on the couch doing the football thing… what’s your idea of pre-gaming?  Planning fall wardrobes, of course!  Here are a few tips to consider before heading out to consignment sales:

1.  Start with the Basics

Duh, yes, this is obvious.  Do you have khakis, jeans, white tops and enough cozy jammies to make it through cold winter nights?  This should be your key list and first priority at the sales.

2. Make a “Perfect Piece” Wishlist

The most important part of this step is, of course, making sure you have coordinating pieces.  Do you have 10 tops with no matching bottom?  Make a “wishlist” of perfect pieces to complete your wardrobe.  I have a pretty standard “color scheme” that I stick with when shopping clothes.

Random Tangent of the Day: Maybe that’s why I love consignment sales.  I’m not limited to just the collection at Carters or Gap, instead, I can cross tons of brands and seasons and get a great wardrobe of Jack’s signature brown, orange, navy and green winter palette in just a few weekends of shopping.  AND, we don’t look like all the other kids all season!

3.  Get Size Samples

I grab a pair of pants and a top that fit Jack NOW.  That way, I can hold them up against questionably sized clothes.  It’s a lot easier than toting him with me to the sales.  Of course, I always look for items he’ll grow into over the next 6 months.  Using an index card, I also trace Jack’s foot so I can evaluate shoes.

4.  Accessorize

Do you have a winter jacket?  Gloves? Hats? (and do they match?)  What about shoes and socks?

Hope these tips help you think through your shopping plan of attack!

Happy Consigning!
– Chrissy

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