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Becoming a Consignment Diva – For Consignors

My obsession with consignment sales started on the shopping end… as all good obsessions begin.  But the true secret to consigning success is in becoming a really good consignor!  Here are some helpful ideas to help you get rid of those toys / clothes and make more money!

1.  Presentation is Everything

Break out the iron and press all of your clothes and some toys, if necessary.  It’ll hide a bit of the pilling as well 🙂

2.  The Price is Right

Most people agree that the best pricing strategy is about 1/3 of what you paid retail for an item.

3.  Add Notes on Sizing if Needed

If something fits like a 12 month item, but is labeled 18 months, make a note and make sure it is placed in the 12 month area.  Items often get left hanging because they look too big / small in their sections.

4.  Read Your Consignor Instructions TWICE

Every sale is a bit different so don’t miss the opportunity to sell because you didn’t follow directions!

5.  Go Digital

If you can mail merge your tags, you’ll be a step ahead.  If you have no idea what mail merge is, don’t waste time learning now (but do it sometime!)  Instead, use sheets of Avery labels to at least print your consignor number so you don’t have to keep re-writing it on all of those tags!

6.  Group Wisely

Don’t try and hide worn / useless items with good ones… you’ll drive everyone else crazy!  Instead, think like the shopping maven / mom that you are and group intelligently.  If you do have multiple items, make sure you can easily see all parts.

Am I missing any stellar tips??  Comment below!

Happy Consigning Mommies!
– Chrissy

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