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WeMakeItSafer and ConsignmentMommies join forces to make safety a priority in the growing consignment sale event industry. To say consignment sale events are sweeping the nation would be an understatement. Spurred by both the economic and environmental benefits of reselling items one no longer needs, there are now over 5,000 seasonal kids consignment events each… More Info

GUEST POST: How to Get Your Husband to Understand Consignment

In honor of those FABULOUS consignment daddies and for those daddies that need a little coaxing into our secret saving mommy world, here is a wonderful article by Jennifer Rogers, Owner Rhea Lana’s of Russellville.  Why your husband doesn’t understand consignment: 1. Shopping, in general, doesn’t appeal to most men. 2. Working, without pay, for… More Info

Green is the new black among savvy moms!  Good for moms’ wallets and the environment, this trendy seasonal sale phenomenon has exploded across the nation and is making a huge impact on the environment along the way! We recently polled My Consignment Manager, a consignment software provider; Rhea Lana’s Franchise Systems, Inc., a national children’s… More Info

Spring Break: How to Engage Your Consignment Trainees

Ah, spring break! For some, that means 10 uninterrupted days with your cute little mess-makers. To help you maximize your army of consignment trainees, we’ve scoured the web for a few ideas for spring break consignment cleaning for you and the kiddos! Barbie Hair Salon Barbie (or any doll) can fetch a pretty penny at… More Info

In my pre-baby world, I was a dance teacher, graphic designer and lover of all things hot pink and sparkly.  So, when I got hit with the “Wow Chrissy, you are such a good boy mom” message one day, I was at a complete loss.  Was it the dirt under my nails from the worm… More Info

By: Deborah Freeman, Just Between Friends Douglas County Even if it’s your first sale, you’ll feel like a pro with these tips! Prep: Shopping always goes smoothest if you prepare yourself ahead of time. Here’s what works for me. 1.   Get the largest and sturdiest laundry basket in your house. Tie a belt to the… More Info

Guest Post: 10 Tips for Organizing Your Consignment Prep

It’s that time of year again…kids consignment sales are popping up all around my neck of the woods. I love these sales because it means that I can get clothes, books & toys for my daughter at a fraction of the retail prices in usually nearly new condition.  And it means my clients can clear… More Info

We love to see & share your consignment sale hauls!  Here are a few fabulous collections  for your viewing pleasure! Check out Peach State Mom Blog’s haul from the Like New Consignment Sale in Fayetteville, all for just $44 17 outfits 8 Books 1 Blow up toy 1 Pool Floatie Check out Jenny from What… More Info

We’ve compiled a quick reference list of the many ways to make & save with consignment sales! If you’ve been wanting to “take the plunge”… NOW IS THE TIME! Our community of swap savvy mamas knows that you can make some serious money with consignment sales and stores throughout the year…and here are the best… More Info

If there is one acceptable thing to “hoard”… it has to be hangers.  Inevitably, you will be that crazy mama driving two towns over to buy Walmart’s last set of hangers at 11pm the night before drop-off.  So, to avoid being “that mama,” we’ll help you start early with some free & cheap ideas for… More Info

What? A whole post on tagging guns?  Hey… Tagging guns are a HOT topic on the Consignment Mommies forums and Facebook pages and we just couldn’t help but dedicate an entire article to these time-saving treasures! Many savvy swap mamas (that tag hundreds or thousands of clothing items) will tell you that this little “life… More Info

By far, the best selling items at consignment sales are outdoor toys & ride-ons like the classic Cozy Coupe.  The classic Little Tikes car is over 30 years old and was the top-selling North American car in 2009 (according to Almighty Dad) That year, Cozy Coupe sales even beat out the Toyota Camry!   And… More Info

When we started compiling today’s blog post on power RE-selling, we knew exactly where to start. Natalie Dohanos is one of those rock star shoppers, consignors & now, sale owners. She’s got a rep as an incredible savvy shopper, has great taste and has clearly honed in on the world of finding DEEP CLEARANCE and… More Info

What is a Consignment Sale? Typically, a week or weekend long event where consignors sell their items and receive 50-80% of the final item price for sold items. Sales are generally run by an owner or organizer and can be “for profit” or as a fundraiser for a school, church or other organization. Consignors select… More Info

New Year’s Resolution: Lose Weight (the ConsignmentMommies Way)

No need for gym memberships or workout videos this year… we’ve developed a consignment workout just for you ConsignmentMommies! Workout #1 – Stair-Climb-Consignment-Style 600 calories, $300 revenue At 3 calories per flight of stairs, you can definitely work up a sweat moving clothing from second-floor bedrooms to your first-floor tagging station.  So, grab a clothing… More Info

Have you ever stacked & re-stacked your plastic bins over and over, trying to find what is inside each?  Or just trying to get to the one on the bottom! Here are some PINTERESTING solutions for storing those plastic storage bins and laundry baskets. Sort It from the Get-Go Create a VERY Inexpensive PVC Organizer… More Info

So, the Christmas “after-wrap” is over and your house is full of laughter… and toys… lots. of. toys. How do you keep it all organized? Keep those little pieces together? Here are some PINTERESTING (of course… can you spot an addict?) ideas to create a little order from the chaos! Watch for after-Christmas clearance on… More Info

If you haven’t already clued that big ol’ jolly man into your consigning secrets… now is the time!  While the kiddos are playing with their new goodies and you are sorting through piles of wrapping paper, boxes, ribbons and bows, make sure you pay close attention to manuals, warranties and product info.  Keeping these items… More Info

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  Time to clean out the closets and the playroom and make room for new goodies from Santa (and grandma, and the other grandma, and more family… and more stuff… stuff…stuff…stuff). That also means it is time to GET CREATIVE with your clothing organizing and get ready for… More Info

Guest Post by: Melissa of FrugalissaFinds.com I love Consignment sale shopping. I never even knew about it before I moved to Tennessee. Is it is a Southern thing?? Here are some tips I have learned since I started. Just for the record I get most of my kid’s clothing, accessories, shoes and toys through consignment… More Info

We were so excited to share our top shopping tips with Charlotte Today! Prepping for your purchases #1: Make a list It’s easier to determine what you need if you know what you have. Take inventory of your little ones’ clothes, shoes and toys—determine what they still wear or will grow into. Make your list… More Info

Guest Post by Angela Davis of FrugalLivingNW.com I used to be an avid garage saler. I’d strap the kids into the minivan and we’d get our bargain on almost every weekend. I scored  tons of super cheap, high quality clothes over two or three summers. I thought I had mastered this whole “dressing your kids… More Info

Guest Post by Jen Wise, YardSaleMommy.com No doubt consignment sales are THE place for moms looking to SAVE money on gently used clothes, toys, and gear for their own kids.  But what may not have crossed your mind is that children’s consignment sales are also great place to begin to MAKE money on ebay. Since… More Info

Consignment season is upon us!  Retail is in back to school mode and it is time!!  While consignment season may be weeks (or even months) away for you, there are a few “to-do’s” that you will regret putting off. #1 – Sign up to Consign Early Consignment sales are EXPLODING all over the country.  Most… More Info

With new crib regulations, the resale of cribs is going to be pretty non-existent for a while. But don’t you worry!! You don’t have to use that crib for summer campfires! We’ve scoured the web for some cool tutorials and ideas for reusing old or recalled cribs! These repurposed crib projects are an awesome way… More Info

As you all know by now, drop side cribs are being officially phased out by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) next week. But, most folks aren’t aware that there’s a much bigger movement for ALL cribs to meet new standards. It’s a bit confusing, so our friends at Just Between Friends worked with the… More Info

Guest Post By Michelle Wiginton Savvy moms shop summer yard sales, resell in the fall and shop for like-new name brand fall fashions Just Between Friends (JBF), the nation’s leading maternity and children’s consignment sales event franchise, is seeing a sharp increase in the number of savvy American moms who are scouring summer garage sales… More Info

In consignment world, there are some very savvy mamas that have turned their shopping & resale hobbies into very lucrative business ventures.  No, these mamas don’t own their own shops or even their own sales… they just buy smart throughout the year and bring in the cash by selling at their local consignment sales.  How… More Info

At ConsignmentMommies, we pride ourselves on being your go-to resources for all things consignment.  BUT, there are some issues that we simply leave to the experts.  We wanted to share a few resources / articles to help you with some of the tougher resale questions out there in the world of consignment sales & stores…. More Info

GUEST POST: When Consignment Sales Attack: The $5 Christmas

I absolutely love hearing stories of how mommies “discovered” consignment world.  Here’s a great post from Stephanie Sears of the Brunette Foodie… Confession: I wasn’t born a thrifty spender. My parents tried to teach me to save money, but until the age of 22 I didn’t do a good job saving. I started working when… More Info

Tipsy Tuesday Recap: YOUR Best SHOPPING Tips

Every Tuesday, we poll our ConsignmentMommies on Facebook for their “best” consignment sale tips!  Each week, we’ll share the best ideas here on our blog! This Week’s topic generated some great advice & words of wisdom on how to score the REALLY good stuff! Bring a Tote Get a big blue bag from IKEA to… More Info

Chrissy Confessions… I Really Love Small Sales

Now, don’t get me wrong… I love going to a big warehouse sale and finding everything I need for my kiddos.  And across the country, there are some AMAZING “Mega Sales” where you can get an entire season’s wardrobe in one trip.   For those of you in those “Mega Sale” markets: I AM JEALOUS!… More Info

Every Tuesday, we poll our ConsignmentMommies on Facebook for their “best” consignment sale tips!  Each week, we’ll share the best ideas here on our blog! This Week’s topic generated some great advice & words of wisdom on how to make some serious money with consignment sales! Price it Low Honestly, pricing low. I sell a… More Info

A Simple Clothing Price Guide

I’ve seen a lot of pricing guides – on blogs, on sale sites, etc, etc… and I came across this simple little chart that I think REALLY helps provide a quick & easy concept for pricing.  Of course, there are ALWAYS factors to take into account… but I think this is a FABULOUSLY simple start! … More Info

More and more, we are seeing sales adopt a “wire hanger only” policy.  And a few Facebook fans lately asked, what’s going on with the wire hangers?!?!  So here’s the deal: Why Does My Sale Require Wire Hangers? 1.  More Items Per Rack – Slim wire hangers allow for more to fit on the rack…… More Info

I’m so excited to offer another guest post by Kristen Yartz of Little Red Hen Consignment Tagging Service.  Kristen is a pro when it comes to tagging & pricing and she offers some incredibly thorough ideas in this post! Whether this is your first or your tenth consignment season, you have probably already decided which… More Info

Consignment Sale Tax Resources

If you are concerned about taxable income and your consignment selling, finding answers can be a bit challenging.  I wanted to share a quick link to the IRS.gov fact sheet about Reporting Auction Income and the Tax Gap. Here is an excerpt from that document that outlines what is taxable. Note: You should ALWAYS consult… More Info

Every Tuesday, we poll our ConsignmentMommies on Facebook for their “best” consignment sale tips!  Each week, we’ll share the best ideas here on our blog! This Week’s topic generated some great advice & words of wisdom from seasoned sellers!! Creative Solutions The good ole bright sun helps get stains out, especially out of my cloth… More Info

I’m soo pleased to share this guest post from Michelle Wiginton of Just Between Friends!  If you are snowed in, there’s are some INCREDIBLE ideas here!! Hundreds of thousands of American moms across the United States are using this cold weather and unexpected snow days to clean out, organize and prepare their gently-used, outgrown and… More Info

RESOURCES for Replacements, Repairs & More

One of the cardinal rules of consignment “selling” is to ALWAYS sell completed games and toys.  If you need to replace a few pieces that are missing, need a sticker to two to sap on that Hot Wheels to make it look a little fresher, here are some resources to help: Replacement Parts Little Tikes … More Info