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GUEST POST: How to Get Your Husband to Understand Consignment

In honor of those FABULOUS consignment daddies and for those daddies that need a little coaxing into our secret saving mommy world, here is a wonderful article by Jennifer Rogers, Owner Rhea Lana’s of Russellville. 

Why your husband doesn’t understand consignment:

  • 1. Shopping, in general, doesn’t appeal to most men.
  • 2. Working, without pay, for the opportunity to shop earlier, doesn’t compute in most male’s minds.
  • 3. Since most men think of things in “Small, Medium, and Large” sizes, they aren’t going to see the thrill of finding a 6x dress, 4 slim pants or wide shoes.
  • 4. Most men are happy with two pair of shoes for themselves.
  • 5. If your living room and bedroom were strewn with sports equipment with price tags, it would be easier for them to understand.

How to help your husband understand:

  • 1. Explain that when you shop early you may have the opportunity to select from two items that are exactly alike but priced differently. You can get the lowest priced item.
  • 2. Estimate the amount of money you will make from the items that are piled around your home during consignment season.
  • 3. Offer to share part of the closet/attic space you’re gaining by selling all the baby equipment you’re going to sell.
  • 4. Use sports analogies to help them: “Honey, preparing my items is like practicing for the big game. When I sell them it’s like hitting a home run. When I get my check, it’s like scoring a touchdown in the conference finals!”
  • 5. Compare one bag of Gymboree clothing vs. one bag from your favorite consignment sale. (Of course, this could backfire on your next trip to the mall, so be careful!)


Jennifer Rogers is the Owner Rhea Lana’s of Russellville and a member of the RL Corporate Training Team. She has a B.A. from University of Arkansas in Advertising and Public Relations and is married to Prince Charming for 20 years and mom to Ryan, Lauren, Erin and Sheridan.

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