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What’s the deal with Wire Hangers?

More and more, we are seeing sales adopt a “wire hanger only” policy.  And a few Facebook fans lately asked, what’s going on with the wire hangers?!?!  So here’s the deal:

Why Does My Sale Require Wire Hangers?

1.  More Items Per Rack – Slim wire hangers allow for more to fit on the rack… meaning your sale can offer more clothes in a smaller space.

2.  Less Clothes on the Floor  – With plastic hangers, clothing can fall off much easier. The result is clothing left on the floor – and that is sometimes clothing that just won’t sell.  Yes, you do have to take a few extra steps to secure your items on the hanger….but in the long run, your item security will be better.

3.  Less Product Loss – Wire hangers make it MUCH *more* difficult for items to be removed from the hanger and stuffed into a bag, under a shirt, in a pocket, etc.  It’s a great theft deterrent.

4.  Better Grouping & Cross Merchandising – With plastic hangers, it is sometimes challenging to secure a top, pants and accessories to a single hanger.  With a wire hanger and a few safety pins, you can work some magic with a 4 piece set!

Where Can You Find Wire Hangers?

The bottom line with prepping your items with wire hangers is COLLECT NOW!  Don’t wait until the weekend before consignor drop-off to find them… start collecting now!

1.  Your Local Dry Cleaners – some have recycling programs, some give them away, others will sell them super cheap.

2.  Craigslist – just do a search for wire hangers and see if anyone is giving them up

3.  Freecycle – If you have Freecycle in your area, you can do a quick search for folks dumping their hangers.

4. Your Hubby’s Work Associates – If your hubs is in a shirt & tie kind of world, have him ask a few coworkers to share their stash.  (He can explain to them what that crazy world of consignment is all about – wouldn’t you like to hear that conversation??)

5.  Online – If you get desperate and just need some hangers, there are tons of options.  Just do a Amazon or Google Shopping search.

Of course, there are also sales on the other side of this “debate” and they don’t allow wire hangers at all.

Did I miss anything?  Post a comment if you have a tip or question! 


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