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“Grandma and Grandpa Sugar LOVE shopping for our Granddaughters! Now we have three to shop for! While I go through the racks of beautiful clothes, Grandpa shops the shoes, toys and furniture. We make quite a team! The best part is the great quality, selection and excellent organization we have experienced at every sale. We… More Info

Catawampus: [kat-uh-wom-puhs] Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S. adjective, sometimes spelled cattywampus 1. askew; awry. 2. positioned diagonally; cater-cornered. consignment adjective 1. the perfect word to describe a clothes hanger with one end sticking up above other hangers while a pair of pants, jeans or shorts are dangling from the other. Catawampus is a fun word… More Info

Have you looked at your pile of unsold items at the end of a sale and asked yourself what you could have done differently? Here are some quick tips to increase your check and decrease your pick-up pile. 1.  Take discounts out of the equation temporarily. Price items to sell before you even think about… More Info

Sale owners have seen it all and they know what sells well and what needs to be priced low. Here are the top five answers from a recent survey about overpriced items and suggestions on how to price those items to sell. 1. Baby Clothes Sizes newborn through 24 months are almost always in abundance… More Info

“The more you tell, the more you sell!” – David Ogilvy How can you help promote your favorite consignment sale? Here are five simple ideas: 1. Tell people! Word of mouth is a sale’s number one source of new shoppers and consignors. If you’re in a moms group, book club, small group or Sunday School… More Info

There are obvious clothing items to consign each season, like shorts for spring or heavy coats for fall, but what about those items you’re not so sure about when to consign? Here’s a list of 10 items to tag for Spring. Always check with your sale to make sure they are accepting the type of… More Info

Congratulations to our 2013 National Top 10 Consignment Sale Winners!  Our judges were BLOWN away with this year’s entries – incredible sales, loyal fans, creative marketing and GIVING BACK! All 4 Kids – Marietta Just Between Friends of Douglas County Just Between Friends of Fort Worth Just Between Friends of Reading & Western Mainline Just… More Info

2013 Regional Best Consignment Sale Winners

Congratulations to our 2013 Best Consignment Sales in regions across the country!  We had a HUGE response this year!!  PHEW…. and lots of tight races too… our bean counters had to double and triple check the votes.  I must say, there are some REALLY incredible 2nd and 3rd place nominees in these regions… you Consignment… More Info

By Marta Jiménez-Lutter, Swap.com “Not Snuggles!” whined my son when I attempted to clean out his pile of stuffed animals. It wasn’t only Snuggles, a fluffy white teddy bear; he found renewed interest in every single item I tried to pack away. He had not touched Snuggles in years. In fact, Snuggles lived at the… More Info

Educational Toy Deals: Best Buys from Kids Consignment Sales

Some of my absolute favorite “must haves” at consignment sales are educational toys and learning materials. Consignment sales are an excellent opportunity to pick up more expensive items and brands that you wouldn’t normally purchase at “standard” retail prices. Many of the pricier educational brands will last for years and years — making them excellent… More Info

If at all possible, make other arrangements for your younger children while you shop. The noises, the crowds and the overwhelming amount of STUFF can over-stimulate even the calmest child. It can create a stressful environment for you and your child. Here are some tips for those parents and grandparents who are shopping with young… More Info

Consignment Mommies across America are using cloth diapers on their little ones. It’s a budget and environment-friendly option for families. In one year, a family will spend over $800 on disposable diapers for one child or around $584 in cloth diapers for that same time. The difference in savings grows in year two, since cloth… More Info

GUEST POST: 5 Secret Tips to Selling Your BEST!

Guest Post by Sharon Schneider, Founder of MoxieJean.com Careful and thoughtful quality control is a HUGE part of the consignment process. At Moxie Jean, we have a team that reviews our clothing – inspecting for stains, rips, tears and even the smallest blemishes. We’re happy to share the top tips our Moxie Mamas swear by,… More Info

I’ve been shopping consignment sales for my kid’s clothing since, well, since I had kids. I believe my oldest son was only a few months old when headed off to my first sale, shopped as a ‘first time mom’, and immediately fell in love with the thrill of finding amazing clothes at great prices. Let’s… More Info

HOARDING (as defined by the ConsignmentMommies.com dictionary): The practice of scooping up anything and everything cute, then debating those items in a corner for an hour, only to put back WAY more than you needed. (We are talking about intentionally taking WAY more than you ever intend to buy… not just taking your time to… More Info

A car seat is one of the greatest investments you can make as a parent. Many consignment sales choose to not sell used car seats or use a strict checklist to make sure a car seat is safe to sell because it’s important to have one in excellent condition. How can you tell if yours… More Info

By Age 4/5: Giving away toys forever can be a hard concept at this age. Approach your conversation with your child with an attitude of giving something away to help another little boy or girl. You need to have this conversation at least two weeks before the sale. Once they have chosen a few non-favorite… More Info

Did you ever get the toy box straightened out and find yourself with a nice stack of consignable toys that have been ignored by the kids for a few months or longer? It’s a great feeling to know you’ll make a nice paycheck on those toys. There are so many of them that the kids… More Info

You’ve cleaned, you’ve sorted and you’ve tagged.  (And… you did all of this WEEKS in advance of sale time, right?!?! I kid, I kid.)  Now, it’s time for DROP OFF!! This week, our fabulous Chief Consignment Blogger Elizabeth Renfroe shares her best tips for how to speed up drop-off.  With a little preparation and organization,… More Info

1. Take advantage of www.wemakeitsafer.org. It’s a great way to check for recalls. This website is easy to use and always current. They even have a smart phone app! 2. Use good descriptions on your tags. Always include brand, color and something like the pattern or a graphic. If there’s more than one piece, make… More Info

The following is an excerpt from the safety specialists at WeMakeItSafer.com in a blog post titled, Tips for Selling Your Baby & Toddler Gear. ConsignmentMommies.com is pleased to partner with WeMakeItSafer to increase awareness about Children’s Resale Safety. As your children outgrow their gear, selling it at a consignment sale or in an online marketplace… More Info

ConsignmentMommies Tour Features Encores & More Consignment in Nashville, TN

This spring, I had the great pleasure of touring some INCREDIBLE consignment sales during my 4-day “ConsignmentMommies tour.”   Throughout the fall, I’ll be recapping my journey with you in video and photo collections here on our blog! In today’s blog,  Connie Hasty shares tips & advice and explains why she loves kids consignment sales. … More Info

1. Smile and be friendly! To shoppers, you are the face of your local consignment sale. These events can be overwhelming at times. A friendly face in the crowd goes a long way. 2. Read the volunteer/worker section of the website. Your sale will have the basic information on what to expect as a volunteer… More Info

ConsignmentMommies Tour Features Hooked on Consignment Sale in Middle TN

This spring, I had the great pleasure of touring some AMAZING consignment sales across the country in my 4 day “Consignment Mommies Tour.” Throughout the fall, I’ll be recapping my journey with you in video and photo collections here on our blog! Our first feature and the FIFTH sale in the tour was Hooked on… More Info

Do you like the mix and match options with pieces from Children’s Place© or Gymboree©? Do you remember shopping at different stores to find shorts that were the right blue to match that plaid shirt? Do you have the cutest leggings to go with a Christmas dress? You can use any of these ideas to… More Info

This week, our chief Consignment Blogger Elizabeth shares her 4-week plan for bigger, better consignment cash outs!  And yes, it involves NOT WAITING until the last minute to gather, tag and price your goodies. First, here are a few important tips to your 4-week success:  Tip 1: Hangers Ask your dry cleaners if they have… More Info

Have you found an adorable outfit, only to get it home and find a hole or two where the tag was attached with a safety pin or a tagging gun?  In many cases, those holes will close up with just a normal wash cycle and a few minutes in the dryer.  Occasionally, some patience and… More Info

013 Happy Mother’s Day you awesome Consignment Mommies out there! Today, we’d like to share some special tributes from a few Mother-Daughter consignment sale owner teams! Chrissy Freeman (daughter) and Shari Kilgariff (mom) Co-Founders of ConsignmentMommies.com I cannot imagine my world without my very fabulous mother! She’s my business partner, my chief babysitter and my… More Info

Getting Ready for Consignment Season NOW! ConsignmentMommies.com Featured on WGHP Fox 8

Shari and I share how we got started with ConsignmentMommies.com plus share tips on getting ready for NEXT fall now!  

Happy Earth Day you swap savvy mamas!  Last spring, ConsignmentMommies.com compiled stats from over 750 seasonal chidlren’s consignment sales through data from Rhea Lana’s Franchise, MyConsignmentManager Software and independent owner surveys.  Using that data, we’ve estimated the impact that Kids Consignment Sales have on our planet and created our consignment sale recycling infographic!  Pretty exciting… More Info

If you haven’t discovered the magic of plastic zip ties, it is TIME to jump on the bandwagon.  At just a penny each, these little plastic tools are an awesome way to secure your items, wrangle multi-part toys and much more!  I asked the savvy mamas on our Sale Organizer forum for their best advice… More Info

EEEEEeeeekkkk!!! I am thrilled. delighted. overwhelmed. excited. pumped. OVER. THE. MOON. Check out ConsignmentMommies.com getting a shout out in a little Parenting Mag you may know – Parenting

Guest Post: How to Use a Tagging Gun from Little Red Hen Consignment Tagging Service

Intrigued by the idea of utilizing a tagging gun for your consignment sale prep but unsure where to start? Why Use a Tagging Gun? • It’s faster than pinning tags onto items • Tags connected to items with barbs tend to stay put. The use of tagging guns is standard in the retail clothing industry…. More Info

In the spirit of smart shopping and thrifty consigning, we’ve compiled a list of consignment sale supplies that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree.  Below you’ll find our favorite tagging & packaging supplies that can be purchased for a bargain $1 price tag! Stock Up on These Supplies Zip Ties If you haven’t already… More Info

Guest Post by Angela Wynne, author of The Baby Cheapskate Guide to Bargains It doesn’t take a novice consignment shopper long to figure out that you can score some fabulous deals on toys at consignment sales. Stocking the playroom with gently used toys from consignment sales is a no-brainer for any budget-conscious parent, but knowing… More Info

Guest Post by Rachael J. Mercer, from SavingCentsably.com Our family is big into consignment sales. We shop at them and we buy from them. With four kids ages 11, 9, 6 and 4, you can believe that we grow out of clothing almost as fast as I can purchase it. Consignment sales make selling the… More Info

Guest by Yazmin Cruz, staff writer for the money and coupon blog, BargainBabe.com Make your kids’ clothes last longer to sell at consignment sales without going broke! There’s no need for fancy laundry products or spending hours doing laundry. I share my best tricks to extend the life of your kid’s clothes while saving money… More Info

10 Tips for Working with MySaleManager.net

Guest post by Elizabeth Renfroe of Children’s Market at First United Methodist Church in Jacksonville, Alabama 1. Read your sale’s guidelines from cover to cover. Make sure you know how your items need to be prepared, what’s accepted, and what you can’t bring. Don’t forget to find out how everything needs to be sorted or… More Info

How to Predict Your Child’s Clothing Sizes for ‘Next Season’

Until we can figure out how to STOP THESE KIDS FROM GROWING, we’ll have to do our best to predict our children’s height & weight changes from season to season. I can remember Jack’s first toddler winter. The poor guy had capris & belly shirts by the end of the 7-month “cold weather” season.  Major… More Info

10 Time Saving Tips for Taggers Using MyConsignment Manager

“Easy”, “simple”, and “flexible” are all terms used by sellers to describe the MyConsignment Manager tagging system used by seasonal consignment events all across the United States and Canada.  Their system has proved to be life-changing for sellers who previously tagged items for sales using hand written information or even sticking barcoded stickers on index… More Info