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Consignment Sales: A Grandparent’s Best Secret Weapon

“Grandma and Grandpa Sugar LOVE shopping for our Granddaughters! Now we have three to shop for! While I go through the racks of beautiful clothes, Grandpa shops the shoes, toys and furniture. We make quite a team! The best part is the great quality, selection and excellent organization we have experienced at every sale. We always eagerly await the next one!” – Peggy Sugar, Grandma to three adorable girls and consignment sale fan.

Mrs. Peggy’s comment is just one example of the great partnership that grandparents can build with their local consignment sale. The Sugars’ granddaughters live in New York while they’re in Alabama. Long distance shopping can be a challenging adventure, but this family makes it work very well. Exchanges of shopping lists, cell photo phones and lots of texting and phone calls can happen when a sale is in one place and grandchildren in another. As popular as sales are, not every area has a variety of sales. It can also be a way to find affordable fashions that are unique for your grandchildren, because styles and trends vary from region to region.

A great advantage for grandparents shopping consignment sales is for baby equipment and furnishings for their own homes. Most grandparents need a “grandma” nursery for when families come in to visit. By buying a pack and play, high chair and other items at a consignment sale, grandparents can stock their house for visits for a fraction of the cost it would be to buy all new items. Whether it’s for frequent stays or holidays, you can’t go wrong with buying the extra sets of items at a consignment sale. An extra car seat or car seat base is a great consignment sale investment, too.

Make Memories

There is something special about reading to a child. Memories are made during those special moments. Why not stock up on a variety of books and keep them in a basket or draw at your house for those special visits. When my kids were little, they knew where their books were at Nanny’s house and would go straight to that drawer when it was time to read before bedtime during overnight visits.

What to Choose: Books, DVD’s, Puzzles & Play

While you’re looking at books, go ahead and check out DVDs, toys, puzzles, games and other play items. You might even find a play kitchen or favorite puzzle similar to one you played with when your own kids were little. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to build those same memories with another generation?

Stock Up on Surprise Gifts

Like-new toys are great gift options or treasure box treats for grandparents to stock up on for special occasions, especially if you’re on a restricted budget. Many toys are so like new that you can’t tell they’ve been used. Others are brand new bargains, ready to go home with the right family.

How can grandparents get more involved in consignment sales?

Volunteer and take advantage of shopping early. Many sales require volunteers to consign, so look through what your grandchildren have outgrown and consign some of them. It’s a great return on a small investment if you bought it at a consignment sale originally. In addition, you can get first dibs on those high demand items your daughter will be calling you about while you’re shopping. Volunteering is a lot of fun, too. It’s a good way to meet new people and stay active in your community. Why not give it a try this season?

Are you a first-time grandparent?

Congratulations! That is such a special time in your life. Did you know any sales offer a special shopping time for first-time parents and grandparents? Check out www.consignmentmommies.com for sales in your area. The directory has icons to show you which sales offer preview sales for parents and grandparents. Most of the work is already done for you. You just have to pick which sale(s) to visit and make out your list of what you need and want for your home, what you’d like to purchase as gifts for your children to have at their homes and any other needs or wants they may have. You’ll be surprised at how much you can knock out on a wish list at your local consignment sale.

Consignment sales and grandparents: It’s a great partnership!

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Elizabeth Renfroe has a passion for all things consignment sale-related.  She enjoys coordinating the Children’s Market Sale at First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Alabama.

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