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10 Tips the Pros Know: Consignment Sale Tricks & Hacks

1. Take advantage of www.wemakeitsafer.org. It’s a great way to check for recalls. This website is easy to use and always current. They even have a smart phone app!

2. Use good descriptions on your tags. Always include brand, color and something like the pattern or a graphic. If there’s more than one piece, make sure that information’s on the tag. These details will help match up your tag with the matching piece if they’re separated.

3. Save the owner’s manuals! For baby gear, car seats, even electronic toys, owner’s manuals are worth keeping. When you’re ready to sell, attach it to your carseat, stroller or iPod.  Don’t have the manual?  Visit manualsonline.com to print one yourself.

4. Selling a great looking outfit starts with the first time you wash it. The way you do your laundry affects the wear and tear on your clothes. Wash clothing with like materials to prevent pilling and excess fading. Use cold water in the washer and keep an eye on the dryer to make sure you don’t overdry your clothes.

5. Read your sale’s website. You’ll learn how to prepare your items and everything else you need to know about what’s expected of you as a consignor.

6. Do your research. Take advantage of the internet and find the original retail price. You can even print that page and attach it to the package. This is a great selling point for high-demand items, like Little Tykes or furniture.

7. Make the bed and take a picture of it before you take the bedding off to sell it. Assemble larger toy sets and snap a photo. Print the photo and tape it to package. This is a great way to show shoppers that everything’s complete and in great condition without tearing into it.

8. Keep the original packaging. Sale savvy parents will snatch up like new, high-quality toys in the original box to give as gifts. If you can’t keep the box, cut out the front panel and file it away for future consignment sales.

9. A little elbow grease goes a LONG way. Use a Magic Eraser© to clean up toys and baby gear. Use a cotton swab to clean out the crevices on a high chair. Wipe down the base of a carseat and vacuum up the crumbs. It can be the difference in getting paid for something or taking it back home.

10. Presentation counts. A few minutes in the dryer with a damp t-shirt can work miracles on clothes that need a touch-up. Some clothes, like church dresses, need to be ironed. Use a light spray of starch when you iron to make dresses and button down shirts look their best.

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Elizabeth Renfroe has a passion for all things consignment sale-related.  She enjoys coordinating the Children’s Market Sale at First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Alabama.

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