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10 Ways to Speed Up Drop-Off

You’ve cleaned, you’ve sorted and you’ve tagged.  (And… you did all of this WEEKS in advance of sale time, right?!?! I kid, I kid.)  Now, it’s time for DROP OFF!!

This week, our fabulous Chief Consignment Blogger Elizabeth Renfroe shares her best tips for how to speed up drop-off.  With a little preparation and organization, you can be in and out in a flash!

What to Do at Home

1. At home, read the website for details on how clothing needs to be sorted and how other items should be packaged for drop-off. Following all of the directions for preparing your items will make you a star consignor in your sale’s eyes.

2. Sort clothing by size and gender first. As you tag and hang, you can bundle that section and put it away. You won’t have to look at it again until you’re loading it in the car to drop it off at the sale.

3. Check and inspect all toys, games and books for wear and tear, missing parts, broken pieces, etc. If there’s a problem with something, fix the problem or if you can’t, stop working on that item for this season. It is something that will clearly be seen and rejected at inspection. Focus your energy on the great things you have for this season.

4. As you’re tagging, sort books, toys, movies, and sports equipment in their own storage areas and label the containers to know what is in them.

5. Before you pack your car, ask yourself if you need to take any of the following with you to drop-off:
a. Owner’s Manual for baby gear, car seat, pack and play or other items.
b. Any paperwork the sale has on their website that needs to be filled out at drop-off. Bring your self-addressed stamped envelope to have your check mailed to you.
c. Any attachable pieces for an item that you aren’t using.

6. Make childcare arrangements for the time you’ll be gone. Drop-off is chaotic and may not be the safest place for children to roam around the building.

7. Packing up: Use clean cardboard boxes to bring your items into the building. Rubber tubs can be lost or sent home with the wrong person after a sale. You have no financial investment in cardboard boxes. Bring your rubber tubs to pick up to bring home any items you want to store.

8. Loading up: Pack the heavy, bulky things toward the front and work your way back with lighter items. Clothes and accessories can go on top or in a different section of the car. Make sure everything heavy is secure with bungee cords. You can even attach them to the pole on a headrest to keep an item in place.

At Drop-Off

9. When you arrive, have your paperwork ready. Someone will ask you about it shortly. He or she is usually the person who collects those types of things and will get it to the right person if she’s not. Ask her if you need to know about any changes for pick-up, shopping, etc. When you’re ready to unload your car, start with the clothes and accessories. They take the longest time for volunteers to check for wear and stains. Get them in the door first, and then work unloading your other items. Once your car is unloaded, move it to a parking space to keep traffic flowing. If you are responsible for putting your things on the sales floor, go in the building and wait in an out of the way corner until you get the signal to put them up.

10. Staying out of sight while your things are checked in. It is the least stressful way of doing things at inspection, both for you and for the people inspecting your items. They’ll kindly explain the issue with an item they are rejecting. Please do not get angry and offensive in this situation. They have a set of guidelines for inspecting items that they have to follow. If an item has a minor issue, ask if you can take it home and try to resolve it. 90% of the stains spotted at our sale are small issues that can be repaired. Consignors are invited to bring those items back to the sale anytime that week if the problem’s been resolved. Many other consignment sales have similar policies.

A little time and planning can speed up your drop-off time. When you leave, treat yourself to a cold drink, gourmet coffee or a treat from the bakery. You deserve it! Now, go home and work on your shopping list for later in the week!

About the Author

Elizabeth Renfroe has a passion for all things consignment sale-related.  She enjoys coordinating the Children’s Market Sale at First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Alabama.

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