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10 Places to Hide Your Consignment Stash from Your Kids

Did you ever get the toy box straightened out and find yourself with a nice stack of consignable toys that have been ignored by the kids for a few months or longer? It’s a great feeling to know you’ll make a nice paycheck on those toys. There are so many of them that the kids can’t remember them all, right? It’s going to be a breeze to clear out the toys, right?

Wrong! About the time you finish that thought, Jon will spot an old Wii© game that he forgot he had and he’s sure he can save the princess from the Dragon/Lizard if he can just play it a few more times. Kennedy sees a doll that poops that she really wanted at first, but hasn’t picked up in three years. Two hours later, the doll is fed, very clean and has no chance of being abandoned for a while. You’ll go on with your tagging and notice toys are gradually disappearing from your stash of to-be-tagged items. The consignment sale fairy has struck again, planting a seed in your child’s mind that they haven’t outgrown those toys. They need the toys and can’t live without them. You’ll cave and leave the rediscovered treasures at home. In a few weeks those toys might be played with every day, once a week, or toss aside for a surprise from the consignment sale. Here are a few hiding places to help prevent the “Can’t sell it, it’s mine!” mentality that so many of us experience.

1. Disguise in Luggage

A piece of luggage is a fantastic hiding spot for toys.If you have a set that stacks together, unpack all of them, carefully fill them, then close the cases up and stack them in a corner in the guest room or another area where the kids don’t explore very often

2. Ask Friends

Rely on the kindness of grandparents, friends and co-workers.Ask around to see if someone has an area where you can store your toys out of sight until drop-off day. Be sure it’s a clean, smoke-free home. Pack your consignment treasures in plastic bins or bags and carry them to the area your kind friend offers you.

3.  Stash In Your Trunk

Put the toys in black garbage bags and hide them in the truck of the car, under a blanket and a flat piece of cardboard.You can still use your trunk to carry many things and the kids will probably not notice what’s under the blanket.

4. Storage Tubs

Invest in a few storage tubs when they’re on sale.You can hide the toys in them, and then stack the boxes against a wall in a low kid foot traffic area, like the laundry room .

5. Hide your tagged toys in the guest room and close and lock the door.

This room is a great command station for the whole consigning process. You’ll have room under the bed and in the closet to hide things. Just in case you have sneaky children, figure out how to lock and unlock the door easily and just keep it locked.

6. Use Attic Space

Does your attic have storage room for Christmas decorations or other household items? Use that space to hide tubs of toys in the days leading up to the sale. I wouldn’t recommend it for long-term storage of clothing or packaged toys.

7. Hide in High Places

Newer houses have higher shelves in the closets. Use those closet shelves to keep toys out of range from curious eyes and minds.

8. Use the Pantry

If you have a deep pantry, you can hide some smaller toys on a tall shelf, with cans of vegetables and fruits serving as temporary camouflage.

9. Early Drop-Off

Check with your sale to see if they offer an early drop-off storage option. Most sales don’t have the room to store items early, but the worst answer you could hear would be, “No.”

10. Rent a Storage Unit

If you and your friends are all trying to figure out how to hide toys, go in together to rent a small storage unit from a local facility for the month leading up to your sale. If you all go in together, the cost is very low, You’ll make it back in the return on your investment of your consigned items. Some of these units are not climate controlled, so keep everything packed and wrapped to prevent dust or moisture from affecting your inventory.

Stayed tuned to Consignment Mommies for another article on how to get your kids involved in consignment sales by age 5, age 8, age 10 and age 13. Those tips can make consigning a family affair and make you a star seller with your favorite consignment sale.


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Elizabeth Renfroe has a passion for all things consignment sale-related.  She enjoys coordinating the Children’s Market Sale at First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Alabama.

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