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10 Things to Tag for This Spring’s Consignment Sales

There are obvious clothing items to consign each season, like shorts for spring or heavy coats for fall, but what about those items you’re not so sure about when to consign? Here’s a list of 10 items to tag for Spring. Always check with your sale to make sure they are accepting the type of items you want to consign. You should find a list of what’s acceptable and what not to bring on their website.

1. Christmas Leftovers

Some children can be overwhelmed by the number and variety of toys they receive for Christmas and birthdays. If your kids have toys they’ve received as gifts and have ignored, why not go ahead and consign them? These sales are a great way to recycle new in package or gently-worn toys.

2. Outdoor Toys

These toys have a high resale value. After being outside for winter, they can use a little elbow grease and TLC. Plan ahead and clean up the outdoor toys your kids have outgrown.

3. Trending Toys

Check your local movie and TV listings: Toys, clothing, bedding and décor connected to upcoming movies and shows this season. For example, the Legos Movie will be a popular movies with boys this spring. It’s a great time to package up and sell all those Lego pieces you’ve almost stepped on in the middle of the night. (Ouch!)

4. Swimsuits, cover-ups and water toys

Because of cooler weather, these beach and pool necessities often get pushed to the back of the drawer or forgotten until it’s warm enough to go swimming. Why not sell what your kids have outgrown and bookmark those funds to replace what you sell?

5. Cowboy boots and rain boots

Most sales accept all types of boots for fall, so people forget about the possibility of selling some styles year-round. Cowboy boots are a still a fashion-must right now in many parts of the country. Rain boots are the perfect accessory for those March and April showers. You don’t have to wait until fall to sell some styles of boots.

6. School and scout uniforms

With school a few weeks into the second semester, parents are looking for affordable options for kids who have had big growth spurts over the winter. Spring’s a great time to sell (and find) gently-worn uniforms.

7. Fashions with linen, chiffon, seersucker and other season fabrics

Although fashion rules can change, even with kids, some fabrics will always be seasonable. Save the heavier fabrics for fall.

8. Lightweight rain jackets, cardigans and sweater vests

Weather in the spring can be unpredictable. Check with your sale to see if they’re accepting these lightweight items. They’re perfect purchases for moms who are tired of sending jackets to school that don’t make it back home after the weather gets warmer though the afternoon.

9. Jeans and khaki pants

These wardrobe staples can be sold year-round and are usually hot sellers for boys during any season, especially if priced reasonably.

10. Character Halloween costumes

If your sale accepts them, dress-up costumes are always popular with the pretend crowd. Save the ladybugs, dragons and other costumes for fall, but super heroes and princesses can be hot sellers in the spring.
Always check with your favorite consignment sales to see what items they accept for each season before you start tagging and sorting. With a little planning ahead, you can increase your consignor profits every season.

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Elizabeth Renfroe has a passion for all things consignment sale-related.  She enjoys coordinating the Children’s Market Sale at First United Methodist Church, Jacksonville, Alabama.

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