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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mommy-Daughter Owner Teams

Happy Mother’s Day you awesome Consignment Mommies out there! Today, we’d like to share some special tributes from a few Mother-Daughter consignment sale owner teams!

Chrissy Freeman (daughter) and Shari Kilgariff (mom)

Co-Founders of ConsignmentMommies.com

I cannot imagine my world without my very fabulous mother! She’s my business partner, my chief babysitter and my best friend! Mom has always empowered me, pushed me and enabled me to reach my goals!


I’d say her “greatest talent” was being mom… but she’s really rocking this grandma thing these days!

Jennifer Ehmke (daughter) and Kathy Catalano (mom)

Charlotte Style Exchange

My mom is my Very Best Friend! There is no one I would rather start this new venture with other than my mom.


Shannon Wilburn (daughter) and Pam McKnight Willingham (mom)

Just Between Friends

My mom has taught me so many amazing lessons in life. One of these lessons has been to never stop hoping. She took the hard times, but she didn’t succumb to them. She taught me that giving up is not an option and that the Lord opens doors when we listen and ask. She’s allowed me to help women find hope all over the United States. What a legacy she’s given me.


Rhea Lana Riner (daughter) and Leah Rogers (mom)

Rhea Lana’s

I love working with my mom because she’s the hardest working woman I know.  She’s always been an incredible example to me of loving people, and she’s shown me what “grace under pressure” really looks like. She’s my biggest cheerleader and encourager.   I’m SO thankful for my mother!

Kristin Jedamski & Debbie (mom)

Rhea Lana’s of Broken Arrow

I love working with my Mom because it allows me to get to know her on more of a friendship level. I have learned wonderful things about my Mom that I never knew before! I also love working with my Mom because it allows us to spend more time together! We live in different states so I look forward to our sale week and that quality time we get to spend together!


Jessica Sabo & Joy Sabo (daughters) and Janice Sabo (mom)

Southern Belle’s Closet

Picture: Left-Janice Sabo-Mom & Co-Owner Middle-Jessica Sabo-Little Sister & IT Dept/Co-Owner Right-Joy Sabo-Co-Owner
I love working with my Mother during our Consignment Sales because she’s the best of course! But also because we can bounce ideas off of each other, feed off of each others energy, and focus on different parts of the business! My Mom has owned her own business for over 30 years and knows a few things. I’ve learned from the best and depend on her for guidance and emotional support. I wouldn’t be able to do these events without her! Your the best and I love you Mom!


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