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Making Money with Consignment Sales: Off Season Tips

So, its a few months until your favorite sale… what’s a shopaholic to do?  Stock pile some goods so you can make EVEN more money at the next sale.  Here is a list of our favorite “off-season” tips to help you build your inventory for the next sale’s season.

Remember the “Rules!”  It’s important to keep in mind WHAT SELLS BEST when you make your selections.

  • Top sellers: Big Items like riding toys, playground equipment, etc
  • 2nd Place: NWT (New with Tags) –  especially Larger Sizes and Boys 4T+
  • 3rd Place: Boutique and “Name Brand” Clothing

1.  Craigslist

People give away a TON of stuff – FOR FREE or CHEAP – on craigslist.

2.  Yard Sales

Yard sales are a GREAT place to buy bigger items and toys.  Clothing is hit or miss, but a lot of times you can offer to buy the “whole lot” for cheap and then filter through.

3.  Shop Deep Clearance

Target, Babies R Us, Children’s Place, Gymboree and even your favorite boutiques have some great DEEP clearance items.  NWT (New with Tags) Items always sell really well at sales, so stock up!   Boys are hardest on clothes, so NWT move much faster than “well-loved” play clothes.

NWT items can sell for 50% of the retail of the price. Just make sure to remove your “clearance” or “sale” price from the tag.  (Then people will learn your secret!)

4.  Ask Your Friends

Don’t be overly awkward, of course.  But a gentle reminder to your friends that you are a consignment-sale-aholic may make them think twice before they just drop off that next set of clothing to Goodwill.

5.  Pimp Your Friends

[I love this one!] If you have friends who “don’t have time for consignments sales” or who are consignment sale virgins, offer a split of your own.  Tag their items for them, set them up with a separate consignor number and then split the proceeds.

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