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Big Items: How to Tag ’em, Price ’em and Make MORE Money

Large toys, furniture and baby items are always best sellers at seasonal consignment sales.  Ask any “super consignor” where they make their money and they’ll tell you this is one of their biggest sources!  Here are a few tips & strategies to help you INCREASE your sell-through (and ultimately increase your profit) with large items.

1.  Presentation is Everything

When there’s a row of Cozy Coupe’s, picky moms are going to pick the ones in best condition first.  And many moms are willing to pay a little more the better looking option.  Use a little Dawn Dish Detergent and elbow grease and wipe down your toys.  For scuffs & marks on “outdoor toys,” Magic Erasers are brilliant!  Use a toothbrush to brush dirt out of nooks & crannies.

2.  The Price is Right

A good strategy for big item pricing is 1/3 of the retail price.  Search Amazon to see what your item runs new.  Great condition? Bump it up a bit.  Well-loved?  Go for 1/4 of the retail price or less.

3.  Include Manuals

When there are two identical items with pretty similar prices, consumers will always grab the item with the manual.  If you don’t have the originals, visit Manuals.com and print one out.  Slip the manual into a ziploc bag and use packaging tape to secure it to the item.

4.  Work It Girl

With electronics & toys, ALWAYS include batteries so shoppers can test out the product.  If your item doesn’t work anymore, DO NOT remove the batteries and send it along!  Instead, donate it.  Or price it super cheap and make a note that it doesn’t work (note: most sales won’t accept “non-working” toys).  Remember to be HONEST and keep in mind that purchases can be traced by your consignor number with most sales.

5.  You Complete Me

Make sure that you have all of the pieces and parts for your toys / item.  Include them in a ziploc bag (available in XL) and use packaging tape to attach them to the item.  Clearly displaying the extras (and including them in general) could make your item stand out from the others.  If you are missing pieces, consider lowering the price and making a note.  For many toys, you can also visit the manufacturers website and fill in the pieces.

6.  Buy Low, Sell High

Well, not tooo high ladies!  Search craigslist, yard sales, freecycle and your local thrift store for deals and steals on large items and big toys.  You’d be amazed at how many people just discard these items.  Their loss, your gain!  You’ll need to have a good handle on retail value, the 1/3 sale price and your consignor percentage.   So, do the math before going crazy loading up your garage!!

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