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Toteworthy: Creative Ideas to Haul Your, er, Haul

When you are shopping HUNDREDS of items all in your kiddo’s size, the chances of finding an armful of clothing is pretty high.  The chances of getting exhausted toting around all those hangers?  DOUBLE HIGH!  

Consignment sale pros have developed some PRETTY clever ways to totes their treasures around and here are some of our favorites!

(Always check to see what is accepted at your local sale.  Some sales may have restrictions on what you can bring or may not allow strollers while shopping.)

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  1. IKEA Bags:  If you live near an IKEA or don’t mind paying for the shipping, IKEA’s FRAKTA ™ shopping bags are sturdy and large enough to hold a great deal of clothes, small toys or other items.  At less than $1.00 a bag, these easy-to-store bags can be used all year long.  
  2. The basic large laundry basket with a cotton rope or pet leash attached:  This multi-tasking combination has been quite popular with Consignment Mommies for years.  Most homes already have laundry baskets, so this is a great way to shop with very little investment.  Some moms invest in the tall laundry baskets on wheels.   
  3. 34 gallon trash can with wheels:  These tall trash cans can hold a lot.  The wheels make it easy to move down the aisles as you shop.  They don’t take up as much aisle space while you’re shopping.  Some moms show their personality by tricking out their cans with colorful duct tape or other decorations.  You wouldn’t want to use this container to hold trash when you’re not shopping, but it would be a great storage solution for extra hangers or items you want to store out of sight, like outgrown toys.
  4. Some savvy mamas have attached wheels to the bottom of those 18 gallon plastic tubs with rope handles. You’ll need a few minutes with a cordless drill and screwdriver to attach the wheels.  In the off-season, the tub will be handy to store toys or other items.
  5. Folding utility wagons are popular with some shoppers, but may not be allowed at all sales.  The upright gardening carts found at home improvement stores are a good alternative to utility wagons.  Both are sturdy and can hold plenty of bargains.  A utility wagon or cart has many other uses, which makes them a good investment for most budgets.  

What’s your favorite shopping tool to hold your items while you shop?  We’re always looking for creative shopping devices, so send us your ideas.  They might just end up on Consignment Mommies!



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    I recycle those Bag of “Bed/Linen plastic bags”

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