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National Top 10 Sale: Rhea Lana’s Overland Park

“Katelyn and I dream of introducing you to a new way of outfitting your kids with the highest quality clothes, toys and gear at prices every family can afford. Please contact us with questions. We would love to hear from you!” – Melissa Schroeder


In 2016, Rhea Lana’s Overland Park was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales.  Their sale is coming up Sunday 9/17/17 through Saturday 9/23/17 and recently Katelyn & Melissa shared their story with us!

How did you get started?

We have been bargain shoppers for as long as we can remember. We met in college and became fast friends. Today, some of our most cherished memories involve digging through piles of clothes at our local bargain warehouse for hours, finally to find an amazing new piece of clothing only to be further surprised by it’s breathtaking “green tag” (75% off)! We used to believe nothing could bring us more shopping satisfaction than discovering that long sought after discount fashion gem for ourselves…until we became moms and had our own kids to dress with those same, cut rate, stylish digs.Overland Park, Rhea Lana's, Kids, Baby, Consignment

Family, friendship, and affordable fashion are a few of our similar passions. When we learned about consignment event shopping at Rhea Lana’s from another college friend, it was evident this Rhea Lana’s was unlike any of the other “consignment events”. One Saturday visit to a Rhea Lana’s sale was all it took and the two of us were forever hooked. Rack after rack of those “green tag” treasures without the hours of endless digging!

Although there are other consignment events, Rhea Lana’s is the only one we have felt driven to participate in due to the company’s impeccable standards. Each of the items you consign in our sale is tracked and accounted for or you will be reimbursed. You can track your sales online during the event, and your check and detailed inventory report are ready on “pick up day”.

What makes your sale special?

Our general consignors make 70-80% and we also offer a “VIP” option to moms that are strapped for time. For this service, we schedule a time for you to drop off your items, then we hang, price, tag and deliver them to the sale. Space is limited and the slots fill up quickly, so please contact us at rlopvip@gmail.com, right away if you are interested. VIP moms also get a “PreSale” pass to shop before the general public.

All items that consignors choose not to pick up will be donated to local charities in Kansas City including the Shawnee Mission School District Clothing Center, and Adopt-a-Book KC. We have always loved being a part of the Kansas City community and are excited to be able to provide quality items to deserving local families.

What’s your very best shopping tip?

Shopping as a volunteer at Rhea Lana’s is the way to go. The more you help in the store the earlier you shop…our event is known for high-end, boutique bargains. Volunteering gets you access to the best goods at the absolute best prices. Plus, the crowds and lines are much smaller the more you volunteer/earlier you shop.

What’s your best tip for consignors?

We advise our consignors to only bring their best and be willing to go half price on everything. If you weed through what should be donated before you enter your items it saves you time and supplies. Choosing to go half price on those items you enter helps you sell so much more and have much less to bring home at the end of the event. We have many consignors who have better than an 80% sell through rate!

What is something you are most proud of?

Rhea Lana’s of Overland Park has been hosting events in the Kansas City area for the past seven years. We started as good friends and are super proud of the fact that our bond is still just as strong as it was day 1. We have a great mutual respect for and deep relationships with each other, our area franchises and the consignors, volunteers, and shoppers who surround us.

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