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National Top 10 Sale: Kids EveryWear

In 2016, Kids EveryWear in Morrisville, NC was honored as one of Consignment Mommies’ National Top 10 Best Consignment Sales! 

You can check out their Fall sale Friday 9/8/17 through Monday 9/18/17 with discount price days starting Saturday 9/16/17.

Be sure to check out below what Beth and Gail of Kids Everywear shared with us!

How did you get started?

Beth and Gail, both stay-at- home, homeschooling moms started Kids EveryWear in the summer of 1998 to help supplement family income by doing what they loved: thrifting! In Beth’s one-car garage in Cary, NC the savvy shoppers started reselling like new children’s clothing and equipment that they found at yard sales and thrift stores. Soon, they were attracting such a crowd that they decided to consign other people’s things and the business model was born. It wasn’t long before the neighbors complained about the chaos and the girls pursued retail space. Today, 19 years later, they occupy 13 storefronts, 60,000 square feet, service more than 1500 consignors and more than 20,000 shoppers!

What are your very best shopping tips?

NC, Morrisville, Kids Everywear, Kids, Baby, ConsignmentThough Beth and Gail are both mothers of four absolutely adorable children, their number one recommendation for shoppers is to leave those little ones at home if at all possible! Shopping a consignment sale of this magnitude is serious business. An astute shopper can literally save hundreds of dollars off of items that they need for the upcoming season. Keeping an eye on children is extremely difficult in the busyness of the sale. Also, in order to maximize savings, most serious consignment shoppers spend an easy 4-6 hours at the sale, which is far more than most kiddos can handle cheerfully. It really is worth getting a babysitter and bringing dad along to help carry heavy and bulky items!

What is something you are most proud of?

There are many features of the Kids EveryWear sale that Beth and Gail are very proud of – it has been a labor of love for many years! A favorite niche in the market, however, is amazing organization! Unlike other sales in the area, Kids EveryWear rents 60,000 square feet of high-end retail space for an entire month. This enables them to spend time dedicating themselves to impeccable organization and quality control. They are able to spend the necessary time and man hours to sort through racks and ensure that consignors have met the high standards that they specify on their website and to organize items for optimal display. Further, their fixtures are retail store quality and include not only racks and tables like most sales, but perimeter wall shelving as well. Their signs are ultra-specific and merchandise is grouped carefully with like items together to allow shoppers to locate desired items and make price comparisons quickly! And the Bookstore! AMAZING! Due to the devotion of two fabulous volunteers who spend countless hours sorting the books to the smallest detail, shoppers can find what they want in a flash. Yet most love the bookstore so much that they spend a long time perusing! We love the luxury one month and such wonderful volunteers affords us!

NC, Morrisville, Kids Everywear, Kids, Baby, Consignment

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  1. Lauren Rich

    I love the quality as much as the quantity and there is a variety in other things not just kids items fun for the whole family and household

    September 1, 2017 at 10:41 am Reply

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