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consignment sales

Have you heard a mom or two talkin’ smack about consigning?  “I did all that work and hardly sold anything!” or “It was too complicated!”  I’ll bet my black lularoe leggings that they made one of the 5 mistakes listed below!   Mistake #1:  Pricing Too High The original price on that Cat & Jack… More Info

If there is one acceptable thing to “hoard”… it has to be hangers.   Here’s the drill: You’re all signed up to consign in your favorite consignment sale and you can’t wait to clear out your closets and cash in on those overgrown clothes.  But wait–where in tarnation are you gonna find 200+ hangers??!! Important: Always… More Info

by Guest Blogger, Kristen Shambarger Have you been hit by the sudden urge to purge everything in your home?  Before you unleash your KonMari decluttering ninja skills, here’s how to do it Consignment Mommies style! Decluttering = good for the soul. Organizing = stress reliever. Throwing everything in a huge black garbage bag and tossing… More Info