Consignment Sale Advice

15 Places to Find Hangers

find hangers, free hangers, wire hangers online If there is one acceptable thing to "hoard"... it has to be hangers.  Inevitably, you will be that crazy mama driving two towns over to buy Walmart's last set of hangers at 11pm the night before drop-off.  So, to avoid being "that mama," we'll help you start early with some free & cheap ideas for hoarding, er, gathering hangers. 

Important: You should always check with your sale on hanger preference.  Some love wire hangers, some love plastic,  and some just want you to get your clothes to the sale!! 


Free Hangers

  • At checkout – it never hurts to ask for a few extra.  Word on the “street” is that Carters, Old Navy, Target or Walmart give more freely than others. 
  • Craigslist (Search)– just do a search for hangers! 
  • Post a Want Ad on Craigslist – If you don’t see any OFFERS for hangers, post a “want ad.”  (always use common sense when buying / selling on Craigslist!)
  • Freecycle – available in many cities (great for finding cast-off toys & goodies too!)
  • Companies with Uniforms – Mechanics, some Restaurants, Banquet Halls
  • Dry Cleaners – Some give freely, others are more reluctant (I personally blame the growth of consignment sales... story later).  If so, asking for recycled hangers may help too! 
  • Thrift Stores or Goodwill - Many Goodwill locations have boxes of hangers you can either “take” or buy for super cheap
  • Facebook – Sometimes all it takes is… Anyone have some wire hangers I can take off your hands?


Almost Free / Cheap / For Sale

  • Your Sale Organizer – Many sale organizers will order shipments of hangers in BULK and offer them at cost to their shoppers.  Shipping is VERY expensive for hangers, so going with the group will save you!
  • Dry Cleaners – If your dry cleaners won’t offer FREE hangers, they may allow you to purchase hangers at cost or piggy-back on their next purchase.  You’ll save big on shipping. 
  • Walmart  - Mainstays Wire Hangers, 10pk, Black  
  • Dollar Store


Best Online Resources

The key to ordering hangers online is SHIPPING.  Depending on the quantity and distance from the distributor, your shipping costs could be DOUBLE the hanger cost! Walmart has hangers for less than 10¢, so do the math first.



The Lingo on Hangers

  • Wire Hangers – Those things you HATED in your closet but now can’t get enough of… yep, those...  What’s the deal?  Click here
    • Gauge - This refers to the weight of the hanger, #14.5 is consider standard and #13 or #10.5 are considered "heavy duty." (lower numbers mean thicker wires)
  • Caped Hangers – These are wire hangers covered in paper.  The paper makes for easier pinning of the items and less sliding.  Many sale organizers swear by these for presentation and item security
  • Junior / Kid-Sized Hangers – Some sale owners prefer smaller sizes, check with your sale’s website for details.






Burlyowl commented on 18-Jan-2012 04:58 PM
Target will no longer give you hangers at checkout- not even for the items you're purchasing!
kathy commented on 18-Jan-2012 07:57 PM
I've also purchased hangers from ebay.
Sylvia Howard commented on 19-Jan-2012 08:23 AM
Consignment shops. I have a ladies consignment shop and I always have TONS of hangers to get rid of. Probably not suitable for babies clothing but will work for children's and maternity
stephanie commented on 19-Jan-2012 04:26 PM
I think it depends on what Target location your at because I work at a Target and we will give hangers with the purchased item if asked.
Missy commented on 20-Jan-2012 07:59 AM
It depends on what Target location you are at. Some give you hangers when you purchase clothes and some do not. I worked there and they wouldn't even let me take any of the extra hangers that customers didn't want so I resorted to buying items with my
credit card, taking the hangers and returning the clothes.
Mary commented on 20-Jan-2012 08:39 AM
I've had a lot of luck with Kohls giving hangars. Call the store manager in advance and tell them what size (infant, childrens, adults).
Mildred McIntosh commented on 20-Jan-2012 10:45 AM
I also have a consignment shop and usually have tons of hangers to give away. I have used Freecycle to offer them for giveaway.
Marcia commented on 20-Jan-2012 12:32 PM
Dry cleaners in my area will only let you buy a limited amt. App. they have to import them from overseas, there are no companies in the U.S. who still make wire hangers. I usually go to the dollar store and wipe them out of all their hangers ( I apologize
to other moms in my area). I can not afford to wait until a week or two before, consignment sales are HUGE in my town!
Laura Yang commented on 27-Jan-2012 11:43 PM
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Bianca Towler commented on 01-Feb-2012 05:17 PM
goodwill. they will usually give them away!
Kerri Gogan commented on 10-Feb-2012 01:04 PM
This may only work if you know someone in the "biz", but live theaters with shows that run a long time have to get the costumes dry cleaned repeatedly. I suggest conacting them near the end of the run. Even your local high school productions, or dance
schools may have them.
Kristi Badran commented on 27-Feb-2012 10:31 PM
I have gone to Buy Buy Baby and raided their leftover hangers. They have started to get a little stingy lately...but they will still give you some.
stacey commented on 18-Apr-2012 11:11 PM
My Target won't give hangers either, even for the clothes I purchased. LOVE Carter's though, I shop there a lot so I always save the hangers :) I'll have to try Kohl's, good tip!