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Tag [Gun], You’re It! Understanding the Buzz of Tagging Guns

What? A whole post on tagging guns?  Hey… Tagging guns are a HOT topic on the Consignment Mommies forums and Facebook pages and we just couldn’t help but dedicate an entire article to these time-saving treasures!

Many savvy swap mamas (that tag hundreds or thousands of clothing items) will tell you that this little “life saver” is a treasured secret amongst the consigning elite!  (And… I’m a big dork and I think it’s just more fun!) To help a mama out, here are some tips & tricks when working with tagging guns:

The #1 Rule

  • Make sure your consignment sale of choice accepts items tagged with a tagging gun! You realllllyyy don’t want to show up at drop-off and have to retag your items! Talk about speed safety pinning!!

Best Practices

  • Always tag through an armpit seam or the size tag in the clothing (if it has one). Even “fine needle” tagging guns will leave a hole where you tag. Damaged goods won’t sell, so use caution!!
  • Purchase a fine-needle model to minimize the damage to clothing
  • If an existing “price tag” is on an item, cover that tag by taping or stapling your card stock or index card tag to it. That way, folks won’t have 2-3 tag options to “search.”

Security Tips

  • Double barb for extra security – if you are worried about the tags falling off of your items, you can “double barb” the item to decrease the chance of it breaking at the sale
  • Use tape on your tag to reinforce. As an extra precaution, you can also place a strip of Scotch or packing tape on the tag where the barb will pierce it. This reinforces the card stock so it doesn’t get ripped or torn by the barb. (NEVER place tape over the barcode area of your tag or it may not scan)
  • Use 1-inch barbs – Avoid using long barbs (2-4 inch versions). This will make your tag hang low and will increase the chance of it detaching.

Where to Find Them?

Best Gun for TONS of Tagging: Avery Fine Fabric Tagging Gun Can Handle the Volume & Will Last ($20-25 each)

Best Values for “EVERYDAY” Tagging: Economy Tagging Guns are Inexpensive and Very Effective ($5-10 each)

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  1. Linda

    Just ordered a tagging gun based on your reccomendations! Thanks so much for this great article.

    May 2, 2017 at 7:13 am Reply

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